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Here we present 10 Hilarious ‘Mumbai’  WhatsApp Jokes, Facebook Memes That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Jaws Hurt

1) Q :  How come the Bombay Ranji team has so many fast bowlers?
A :  West Indians are natural fast bowlers.

2) Q :  How do dogs in Dombivli (place near Bombay) wag their tails?
A :  Up & down. Because, they don’t have enough space to wag sideways.

3) Q :  What did one tamarind in a sack tell its neighbour?
A :  “I feel as if I am travelling in a Bombay local”.

4) Once a Sardarji went to the city of Mumbai for the first time to meet his father. His father had asked him to keep walking in the direction of the sunrise until he eventually reached hishouse. Since, the Sardarji was new to the city he decided to ask a passerby the direction in which the sun rose in Mumbai – east, west, north or south? The passerby who was also a Sardarji thought for some time and then said, “Main bhi is sheher mein naya aaya hoon!” ( I am also new in this city!)

5) Never iron your shirt if you intend to travel during peak hours. The packed train shall do the needful.

6) Thou shall buy a first class pass only if your company is paying for it. Else thou should be really rich with anannual income of atleast Rs.10 lakhs travelling by first class. Otherwise is a public crime.

7) Before getting off at a station always make sure to ask the person ahead of you, “Uterega Kya?” This way you shall not feel left out.

8) If you happen to be one of those few gazillion, who travel by train during peak hours, on a regular basis, do not spend money on gymnasiums or health instructors. You will realize how effortlessly and in an innovative manner, one can practice yoga while travelling in Mumbai.

9) If you have already started practising this innovative yoga, see to it that it remains within the confinements of the train compartment. Try these steps anywhere else and you’ll soon get yourself locked up in a mental asylum.

10) Always push the person standing ahead of you. It is amusing when the person ahead of you does not use a single word against you.

11) Avoid travelling in slippers or sandals. It is an accepted fact that someone always climbs on to your foot.


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