10 Amusingly Annoying Things Women Need To Stop Doing Right Now



Here are 10 things which women should stop arguing about and make it little easier on ourselves (except for gossiping):


 1) Stop arguing that your way is the “ONLY” right way and others cannot think differently i.e. stop controlling others.


2) Stop all nagging and correcting your loved ones infront of others. Give equal opportunity to everyone to express themselves instead of communicating on behalf of them.


3) Stop over-expecting from your loved ones that they would know everything about you without you conversing to them about your exact requirements.

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4)  Stop comparing your loved ones with others by making them feel that they have second place in your heart.


5) Stop mentioning that you are crazy about your new shoes, dresses and expecting fair comments from others.


6) Stop making your loved ones feel guilty about small stuff by acting immature and childish.


7) Stop asking for respect from others and instead earn it by doing the right things at the right time.

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8) Stop acting that you know “everything” and make others feel like a failure.


9) Stop taking negative comments personally and MOVE ON.


10) Stop reading this if you don’t agree that you do any of the above 😉

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