#UTurnFirSe 1  #UTurnFirSe

  1. Days after receiving an anarchist #IK praise frm Pakistan, Modi receives yet another compliment frm an anarchist #AK frm India! #UTurnFirSe
  2. #UTurnFirSe ggiittiikkaa: Meanwhile, after Akhilesh got nominated, Nitish Kumar & Mamata Banerjee are hiding away with the fear that the…
  3. Hope Arun Giri predicts 60+ seats for AAP, then a BJP victory is guaranteed. #UTurnFirSe
  4. 2 ways to get popularity~Either praise Modi OR criticize Modi & @ArvindKejriwal tried both & failed #UTurnFirSe @YellowGandalf @shishusingh
  5. Saw a well dressed guy clandestinely cleaning pavement 10pm-Shy of being seen-but listening 2 his heart.Amazing! #UTurnFirSe #ModiInVaranasi
  6. Here is the Long List of Lie by Coward Kejriwal! What Excuse would #AAP like to give? Kejri Bole Dil Se #UTurnFirSe
  7. Kejriwal has never taken U-turn. Instead all the U-turn has taken by Modiji India knows. N bhakts r trending #UTurnFirSe
  8. Have you ever seen a confused man If not see below Here is one Mr #UTurnFirSe
  9. Here is the Long List of Lie by Coward Kejriwal! What Excuse would #AAP like to give? Kejri Bole Dil Se #UTurnFirSe
  10. How shameless can one get to catch votes? Kejriwal shows the way! #UTurnFirSe

 #UTurnFirSe 2

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