10 Amazing ‘National Lollipop Day 2014’ Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


national lollipop day



1. According to National Confectioners Association, National Lollipop Day is on 20th July 2014.
2. National Lollipop Day is an “unofficial” national holiday.
3. This Holiday is set aside for people around the world to appreciate the fun of eating a lollipop and appreciate it’s good taste.
4. There are different sizes, shapes and flavours of lollipops.
5. Traditional hard-candy lollipops only had 4 simple ingredients – sugar, water, corn syrup and the flavor of your choice.



6. Culinary historians believe that the lollipop has been around since prehistoric era.
7. Early people used to often enjoy honey on a stick as a delicious treat.
8. The modern-era lollipop’s invention has no records – like how it was invented and how it got the shape.
9. However, American Candy Store’s owner George Smith called the candy a “lollipop” in the early 1900s and that’s how it is believed that it got its name.
 10. Wanna celebrate National Lollipop Day? Just head to your local candy or nearby store and grab a lollipop to celebrate and enjoy!

Happy National Lollipop Day !







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