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According to Philip Kotler, service marketing requires both external marketing and internal as well as interactive marketing. The three types of marketing in service industries are shown in the following figure. The right side of the triangle shows the external marketing (setting promises). It is the normal activity of the firm to develop price, promote and distribute the service offering to the customers. Any thing that is communicated to the customer before service delivery is seen as a part of external marketing.

The left side of the triangle shows the internal marketing (enabling the promise). The internal marketing activities of the firm are to train and motivate its employees to work as a team in order to deliver the service. It emphasis on the critical role that enables the employees to keep the promises made to the customer.


The bottom part of the triangle describes the employee’s skill in handling customer contact. It is the real time marketing of “moments of truth” where the employees directly interact with the customer in order to fulfill the promise.


Types of Marketing in Service Firms

All the three sides mentioned in the triangle are critical to successful services marketing. The service triangle also has a number of fundamental strategic implications:

  1. The key factor is customer focus and, not functions. Customer satisfaction should be the function of the entire organisation.
  2. The internal environment is reflected in the external culture. It is directly linked to how the staff serves the customer.
  3. One who delivers the service must not only have the skill and knowledge but also the authority to serve the customer to his satisfaction.
  4. The organizational values, in relation to the service culture need to be simple, clear and shared by all
  5. During interaction the customers infer the quality. Therefore, it becomes necessary to develop good delivery associated activities.
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