Why drinking and driving is dangerous to yourself and others?


Why one thinks of drinking alcohol?
If depression is hard to handle, drink;
If girlfriend ditched you, drink;
If you lost all your wealth, drink;
If you are let down by others, drink;
If something wrong happens in life, drink;
If friends compel you and you like it later, keep drinking;
And the reasons go on……

Drinking is not always the solution to every problem; instead it gives you more problems.

When one drinks to the maximum limit either in full excitement or to forget the pain, he loses his sense. And above all, the pain never goes; it only disappears for a temporary time as long as sense is not gained back. What’s the use of it?? Instead, having a positive state of mind and a balanced thinking would have helped more in getting a permanent solution than a temporary one. Still, who’s there to take this advice? No one. Drinking is like a hobby for the youth now, I feel.
Drinking weakens the liver and spoils your health. It’s not going to give you any solution to your problems ever. And when you are fully drunk and in such a state you chose to drive, then it’s like hell coming your way!!

When you are drunk, you should not drive. You are not in a balanced state of mind and you are not in sense to understand what you are doing. And further you would end up killing others or injuring others and yourself.

Till today, there is not one person I got to know who has got solution from drinking. Still I don’t know why people love drinking and wasting their precious life for something has got no value. This attitude is not good guys. Your mind is mastering you, and before you end up your life in drinking and becoming ‘devdas’, Wake up!


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  1. xyz March 12, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    I think drinking is very very very very bad habit.please try to avoid such bad habits my dear friends

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