What are the types of span of supervision?

Broadly speaking there are two types, of span of supervision:


(a)Wider span of supervision (b) Narrow span of supervision.


(a)  Wider Span of Supervision: In this type of span, the supervisor controls and guides the activities of subordinates directly under his control. Wider span or supervision is favored where workers are competent and trained.

(b)  Narrow Span of Supervision: under this type of supervision, there are many levels and more supervisors are required to perform the job of guidance and control for different activities. It increases the efficiency of supervision but the cost of supervision is very high as compared to wider span of supervision. This type of supervision is favoured at higher levels of management where all the other activities of planning, organising, directing, and controlling are also to be performed. But more the levels of supervision, more difficult is the task of coordinating the activities of various groups of people.

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