What are the steps for effective telephoning?


Before calling, the caller should:
i.            Know the specific purpose of the call.
ii.            Know the person to be called.
iii.            Consider the best time to phone.
iv.           Plan the opening statement.
v.           Jot down the questions to be asked.
vi.           Have paper and pen handy for note taking, and
vii.           Place near the phone any figures, file, correspondence or whatever may be necessary for reference.

Desirable behavior during conversation:
Called should:
i.            Confirm whether the desired person or office has been connected.
ii.            State the purpose of the call at the beginning.
iii.            Summarize the main points before closing, and
iv.           Thank the listener and let him / her hang up first.
Respondent should:
i.            Respond promptly with a clear pleasant voice.
ii.            Greet the caller by saying “GOOD MORNING” and mention at the beginning his or her (respondent’s) name ad office.
iii.            Answer all questions asked.
iv.           Give extra information if relevant.

Both Persons should:

i.            Smile, because the tone of a smiling speaker’s voice sounds pleasant although he / she are not seen.
ii.            Try to make the conversation interesting.
iii.            Listen without interrupting the other person.
iv.           Listen for the tone of the other person’s voice.
v.           Hold the phone mouthpiece about ½ inches from lips.



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