What are the aims and objects of worker’s education?

According to the National Commission on Labour, workers’ educations should make a worker:

  • A responsibly committed and disciplined operative;
  • Understand the basic economic and technical aspect of the industry and the plant where he is employed so that he can take an intelligent interest in its affairs;
  • Aware of his rights and obligations;
  • Understand the organisatoin and functioning of the union as well as develop qualities of leadership, loyalty and devotion towards trade union work so that the can intelligently participate in the affairs of his union;
  • Lead a clean and healthy life based on a firm ethical foundations; and
  • A responsible and alert citizen.

In the words of the Director-General of the I.L.O., “The primary aim of workers” education is to enable the worker to put his finger on problems confronting him in his social group; he must acquire a certain culture so that in his capacity of an individual he can locate his proper place within his own trade and milieu; he must understand both his position in the enterprise as well as the role of the enterprise itself within the general framework of national and economic development; he must know what man represents and how he should behave in society, family, neighborhoods, workplace and nation. Training programmers will stem logically from the foregoing the workers’ place in society, the study of his rights and duties, the need for trade unionism and its role, knowledge of the undertaking and of economic principles, labour legislation, human relations without losing sight of a few basic essentials such as how to write a letter or a report, to calculate a wage sheet, to contribute effectively in meetings, tec. All of which will help to equip him to express and put to practical use the ideas, experience and teaching received”.

The workers’ Education Review Committee in India has laid down the following objectives:

  • To equip all sections of workers, including rural workers, for intelligent participation in social and economic development of the nations in accordance with its declared objectives;
  • To develop among workers a greater understanding of the problems of their social and economic environment, their responsibilities towards family members and their rights and obligations as citizens, as workers in industry and as members and officials of their trade unions:
  • To develop leadership from among the rank and file of workers themselves;
  • To develop strong, united and more responsible trade unions through more enlightened members and better trained officials;
  • To strengthen democratic process and traditions in the trade unions movement; and

To enable trade unions themselves to take over ultimately the function of workers’ educations.

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