In some  areas like personal, public sector, public relation, marketing, sales, labour relations, industrial relations know as exceptional communication skill.  Professional like editors, writers, teachers, advocates, researchers, etc. need a highly developed ability to communicate.   The executive are also expected to make speeches, prepare pamphlets, brochures, souvenirs, and give interview to the media in order to project a favorable image of their organization. This is the ability to communicate effectively become a very important job requirement. A group of  7Cs is very helpful to us in the business.   All the words begin with the C.  These are as under:-



1.   Credibility :   The meaning of this word is builds trust.  The sender should establish his credibility so that the receiver has no problems in accepting the message or information very easily.  Where the credibility establish sender understands his credibility nature and is willing to accept his statement as being truthful and honestly.


2. Courtesy :-   Improves relationship :-   If the once credibility of the sender has been established in the business world almost everything starts with and ends in improved  relationship.


3. Clarity :  Its means  is Makes comprehension easier.    It depends upon the two stages first is clarity in the mind of the sender next one is transmission of the message in a manner which makes it simple language and in easy sentence.


4. Correctness :   Builds confidence: When the message encoding, the sender should ensure his knowledge about the message which he received.   The level of knowledge, educational background and status of the decoder help the encoder in formulating the message.


5. Consistency:  Introduces stability:  The approach of communication should be consistent.  There should not be too many ups and downs that might lead to confusion in the mind of the receiver.  If the sender desire to bring about a change in his understanding of the situation he should ensure that the shift is gradual and not hard for the receiver to understand.


6.  Concreteness :  Reinforces Confidence:  Concrete and specific expressions are to be performed in favour of vague and abstract help to cloud the mind of the sender.


  1. Conciseness :  Save Time :  The message to be communicated should be as brief and concise as possible which can be conveyed in a short time easily.   It  should be made brief and simple keeping in view of the saving the time.
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