TYBCom, TYBSc, TYBA exams are likely to be postponed! TYBMS?

Even as the University of Mumbai announced the start of online distribution of hall tickets for the TYBCom exams on Tuesday, senior officials have said that the University may have to postpone the exams from March 28 to April 8, as the teachers’ agitation does not seem likely to end anytime soon. This, the officials say could be one of the many exam date postponements that the University will be forced to make as the state government has failed to resolve the demands of the Maharashtra Federation of University and College Teachers Organisation (Mfucto) till now.
Speaking about the topic of discussion among the various heads of departments, examination centre officials and commerce department, a senate member said that all conversation revolved around whether the TYBCom exams would be held on the scheduled date.
“There is a consensus among most officials that it will not be possible to start the exams by the end of March as question papers have not yet been prepared. The process of finalising the papers is in the hands of the board of examination and as they do not have the question papers they are likely to suggest further postponing of the exams,” said the senate member.
The member further added that if that happens all other exams like the TYBSc and TYBA exams that are slated for April 2 and 5 respectively will also have to be postponed.
Deepak Wasave, in-charge controller of examination (COE), MU said that there was talk of postponement, but the same would be confirmed only after the board of examination (BoE) met and decided on it. “We have provided the weblink for TYBCom students to download their hall-tickets according to the March 28 schedule. However, the BoE will take a final call on the dates and whether the exams are to be postponed,” said Mr Wasave.
Meanwhile, even though the teachers are refusing to conduct any exams, including first and second year exams, colleges have failed to submit the list of teachers refusing examination duty. “In a bid to save teachers we have been forced to postpone the exams indefinitely so that the teachers do not get into any kind of trouble,” said the vice-principal of a Bandra college.

Source: http://www.asianage.com/mumbai/exams-dates-may-change-further-813
TYBCom, TYBSc, TYBA exams are likely to be postponed! TYBMS? by

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