Top 10 amazing Budget- Friendly gifts for your valentine!


 Here we present to you a list of the top 10 best gifting solutions this Valentine’s Day. Make you date super memorable without cutting off too much of your savings and finding the perfect gift with this little list:


10. The classic Flowers and Candies:

v- flwr n candies

Very standard, very common yet a gift with a 100% success rate, you so can’t go wrong with this one. Gift you valentine with a rose or a bouquet of flowers and a box of her favorite chocolates. Girls can skip the flowers and add a self-made or a purchased card to your box of sweet memories.

 9. Irresistible Chocolate love:

v- chocs

If your partner loves chocolate but you want to do something more special than just a box of candies, try customized chocolates, you can get chocolate bouquets, ring keeping boxes made up of chocolate, miniature Taj Mahals and so much more all made up of chocolate.

v - chocolate boquet

8. Amazing Accessories:

v -men access

Your guy loves bikes, gift him a keychain with a bike on it. He likes ear stud’s or maybe needs a watch or a wallet; get him that. A hat or a scarf or a pair of glares, all of these are available in street shopping or malls in great varieties according to your budget. Try perfumes or deodorants if she loves them.

v - womwn access

For girls ornaments like rings, anklets, bracelets, earrings, or anything else she loves will do. Watches, glares, bags, wallets, scarves all work well and are available in your budget. You can also go in for cosmetics and perfumes or deodorants depending on what your girl likes. Gift her a can of chili spray or pepper spray if you want a whacky gift that will keep her safe and remember all the time.

7. Wardrobe Wise:

This can be dicey if you get the size incorrect, but a t-shirt of the football club he supports or a skirt she fell in love with while you guys were hanging out together can turn out to be a good choice. Keep in mind your partners favorite colors and taste in fashion and you surely have a win win gift in hand.

v- mens clothes

6. The ‘I love you’ Gifts:

v- ily gifts

A plethora of these kinds of gifts are available that you can choose from, pillows in heart shapes, teddy’s holding I love you hearts, key chains, mugs, photo frames and show pieces. Go to any nearby gift shop and choose something that fits your heart and doesn’t fall out of your budget.

v- ily gifts2

5. Tech-know-love:

v- colage

If you and your partner believe in gifts where sentiments matter more than the price, then a collage of your pictures, a PPT with your messages and pictures, a collection of love quotes or an album of your partners favorite love songs specially compiled by you all  work great. The efforts and time spent show yet it’s not at all expensive. Mobile applications for making photo collages and your PC for making those PPT’s and you are sorted.

4. Customized Gifting:

v- custmzd

There is no end to choices available in this category. Cards, calendars, wall clocks, t-shirts, pillows, photo frames, mugs or pens everything is available; customized to your choice. You can have pictures printed or messages written on the gift of your choice get creative and this one turns out great.


3. Cook me your love.

v- cook togather

They say the best way to get through to your man’s heart is through his tummy and especially today where girls stay miles away from the kitchen, cooking him a dish of his choice is a good option. With more and more guy’s loving to cook these days, cooking up a yummy dish for your girlfriends would be a good idea for surprising your girlfriend. Collecting all the ingredients, surfing for recopies and ultimately eating it together makes for a great and memorable valentine’s day.

2. D-I-Y gifts:

v- diy2

If you are artistic or creative then make him something, sketch her, a picture of the two of you if you are a sketch artist at heart, write poems or short messages of love if you are a writer, record his/her favorite song in your voice and gift that. Whatever you do make it special, if you are writing then make a short book out of it, if you are sketching, ensure that you get it framed. Pick your talent; take tips from Google if you need. 

1.  Gifts that money can’t buy:

v- gaming

Nothing beats spending quality time with your partner. Make her feel special by taking her out and planning a day doing things that you both love doing together. A movie you wanted to see or a going to a restraunt he loves or just playing games on the Xbox and having those pillow fights you can’t have any more because there is no time! Make efforts in planning it the way you guys love and make it super memorable. Like they say some gifts money can’t buy!

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'Ever Learning, Ever Evolving, Never Giving up' sums up's Content Manager and passionate writer, Ami. She is a BMS graduate who has freelanced in the past with the top Indian newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing she also likes to indulge into travelling, photography and social work.

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Ami Pandya

'Ever Learning, Ever Evolving, Never Giving up' sums up's Content Manager and passionate writer, Ami. She is a BMS graduate who has freelanced in the past with the top Indian newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing she also likes to indulge into travelling, photography and social work.


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