Language Comprehension
Q1. Choose a word or phrase nearly similar in meaning to the given word: Self-esteem
(1) Self-respect (2) Dignity (3) Decorum (4) Self-awareness

 Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word: OBLOQUY
(1) praise (2) crue (3) slander (4) dialogue


Mathematical Skills
 A screwdriver and a hammer currently have the same price. If the price of a screwdriver
rises by 5% and the price of a hammer goes up by 3%, how much more will it cost to buy 3
screwdrivers and 3 hammers?
(1) 3% (2) 4% (3) 5% (4) 8%

Q2. If n and p are both odd numbers, which of the following numbers must be an even number?
(1) n+p (2) np (3) np+2 (4) n+p+1

Data Analysis and Sufficiency
 C is a circle with centre D and radius 2. E is a circle with centre F and radius R. Are there any
points which are on both E and C?
A : The distance from D to F is 1 + R
B : R = 3
(1) is statement ‘A’ alone sufficient to answer the problem?
(2) is statement ‘B’ alone sufficient to answer the problem?
(3) are statements ‘A’ and ‘B’ together needed to answer the problem?
(4) are statements ‘A’ and ‘B’ not sufficient to answer the problem.

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Q1. Complete the analogy AEZ : EIY : IOX : â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦
(1) UYZ (2) AEX (3) EIX (4) OUW

Q2. Isha is older than Sunder. Misa is older than Harbans. Harbans is younger than Gyan. Sunder and Gyan are of the same age. If the above facts are true, which of the following conditions must also be true?
(1) Misa is older than Gyan (2) Misa is older than Isha (3) Sunder is younger than Misa (4) Isha is older than Harbans

Indian and Global Environment
 What does the acronym CTBT stand for?
(1) Continued Test Ban Treaty (2) Commercial Tax Based Tariff (3) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (4) None of these

Q2. The National Literacy Mission (NLM) seeks to achieve full literacy i.e. a sustainable threshold level of 75% literacy by year
(1) 2005 (2) 2010 (3) 2015 (4) None of the above

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