Wealth Management


Answer all questions. Each question carries 15 marks. Attempt any 2 sub questions from Q 1-4.

Q1 a. Explain the process of wealth management

Q1 b. Explain the following :- Real rate of return, Cash flow analysis,  yield curve

Q 1 c What is a financial plan and why is it important


Q2 a. Explain different types of life insurance policies

Q2 b. What is asset allocation and what the factors that need to be kept in mind to decide an asset allocation for a client

Q 2 c Explain the Belth yearly price of protection concept. Archana is 28 years old and her annual premium is Rs 2100 for a Rs 150000 whole life policy. The cash surrender value at the end of the current year and for the previous year is Rs 6900 and Rs 4800 respectively. The dividend of the most recent policy was Rs 270. The assumed interest rate is 9%. Using the Belth method, compute the yearly price that Archana should pay per Rs 1000 for protection.


Q3 a What is a will and what are the types of will

Q3 b. 1. Ashok invested Rs 5 lacs in a stock. After 4 years he sold off all the shares at Rs 6.75 lacs. Calculate the HPR, Annualized return and CAGR (5 marks)

  1. Ramesh receives Rs 50 lacs upon retirement which he invests in FD that gives him 9% return. The average inflation is around 4%. Compute the real rate of return (2.5 marks)

Q 3 c  Mr Chunawala invests Rs 1 lacs every year in a bank for 5 years that gives him 8.5% return. What would be the present value of his investments. Also compute the future value of his investments.


Q4 a. Explain the life cycle financial planning

Q4 b. An investor who is around 45 years now and is planning to work for another 10 more years approaches you. He seeks you help in helping him with some tips so that he could retire peacefully.

Q 4 c What is the purpose of retirement planning

Q5. Mr Poddar is a rich business man. He earns around 3 lacs a month and has a house and car which are valued over 2 crores. He has made some deposits with banks to take care of his son’s education. Ensuring best education to his son is his only financial requirement. He approaches you for guidance

  1. Explain the ethics that you would follow as a wealth manager to guide Mr Poddar
  2. How would you do risk profiling for Mr Poddar
  1. Are there any Pension or annuities scheme that you would recommend. If yes why?

Source:- Vipin Saboo Tutorials

For any further clarifications, please contact Prof Vipin Saboo on 9820779873

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Education Qualification: BMS- N M College (University Rank Holder) PGDBM- Sydenham College M Com- College topper Mr Vipin Saboo has been associated with the following institutes as a visiting faculty Lords college, Malad Patkar College, Goregoan Saraf college, Malad Dalmia college, Malad St Andrews College, Bandra Wilson College, Grant Road Thakur college, Kandivili L N College, Kandivili N K College, Malad Dhanukar College, Vile Parle St Xaviers College, Marine Lines Shroff College, Kandivili KES College, Khar Mr.Vipin Saboo also has more than 5 years of industry expertise with corporate like CRISIL, Motilal Oswal Investment Banking and Yes Bank. Mr. Saboo has also published a text book on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for TYBMS Students.
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