Operations Research Important Question Bank – 1 Day Before the Exam!

1) When are there multiple optimum solutions in assignment? Give examples.

2) Explain degeneracy in transportation? How to resolve it?

3) When is there multiple optimum solutions in transportation?

4) Explain travelling salesman?

5) What are the methods to find IFS in transportation?

6) Differentiate between PERT and CPM.

7) What is Project Crashing?

8) Explain floats.

9) Explain duality in simplex.

10) Give characteristics of normal curve.

11)Explain EMV and EOL?

12) Explain laplace and hurwitz?

13) What is a decision tree? Explain its importance?


Exam tips for Operations research

The numerical of the following chapters need to be done well

  1. Graphical LPP
  2. Assignment
  3. VAM Transportation (including MODI and degeneracy)
  4. Decision sciences- tree diagram
  5. Sensitivity analysis
  6. PERT
  7. Crashing

OR paper would contain theory worth 15 marks. Concentration on concept questions asked during the past 5 papers would help.

Case study:-

Case study is expected from the following chapters

  1. Transportation (VAM may be solved. MODI and then optimization need to be done)
  2. Sensitivity analysis (Maximization simplex fully or partially solved)- Highly expected

Time management is a key in OR paper. Attempt section 2 first and then concentrate on section 1. This would help to complete paper on time.



Content courtesy:- Prof. Vipin Saboo



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