MU will be providing 10 marks to the students who have got 14 marks or more in the FM subject so that they need not give re-exam in FM. Students who scored less than 14 will have to appear for the re-exams and they will get a class based on their scores and not ‘pass’ class.

MUMBAI: The University of Mumbai has amended its rules for internal gracing to augment the success rate of final-year Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) students. Students who scored the minimum threshold marks as decided by the university will be awarded 10 marks so that they clear the subject and are saved from the agony of a re-exam.

A provision in the exam rules states that if the pass percentage of a particular subject is comparatively lower than that in recent previous years, the moderators and the paper-setter can pass a resolution to grant grace marks to increase the pass percentage of the subject.

While the rule allows that a maximum of six marks can be granted, an amendment was passed to increase it to 10 marks. The chairman of the board of studies and the dean gave their consent on Wednesday.

So, a student with 14 marks or more will be granted 10 marks, taking his or her total in the subject to 24 and will be declared passed in financial management. The arrangement will also pump up the success rate in the subject from 45% to 72%.

“This is comparable to the pass percentage in other subjects as well as to the success rate of this subject in the last five years, which has ranged between 72% and 80%,” said commerce dean T P Madhu Nair.

The problem in this year’s financial management paper occurred because of bloopers made by the paper-setter, who provided an “error-ridden” model answer book for evaluation.

This year’s result was “abnormally” poor. Of the 11,254 candidates who appeared, merely 5,072 passed.

Several students were awarded grace marks and the pass percentage finally stood at 58%, which is still lower than the pass percentage in all other subjects.

When assessment began, teachers received a model answer booklet which they have to refer to while assessing the paper. “But many of us found that there were mistakes in it,” said an evaluator. “There is a different method adopted in three questions, of 8, 15 and 8 marks.” They totalled to 31 marks or over 50% of the paper’s total of 60.

Ever since the results were released, students have been protesting. Following the protests, the university decided to take a relook at the evaluation.

A group of senior teachers were asked to pick four papers from each of the 72 exam centres. They reassessed the papers to find the variation caused because of the goof-up. They all acknowledged that there was some amount of variation and the university needed to rectify the problem.

Students who scored less than 14 will have to take the exam again. But under the credit system, they will get a class based on their scores and not the demeaning ‘pass class’ which earlier used to be given to those who had earlier failed.

Source: TOI

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  1. Amir Anis Siddiqui 6 years ago

    those who fill revaluation form,only those people get 10 marks in FM ?

  2. lavina 6 years ago

    Finally the protest and wait is over.special thanks to those professors who have help us through this.thank you…. A sight of sem 6.All the best…..

  3. abdul 6 years ago

    Wat if got 13 marks…..

  4. Sumit Gupta 6 years ago

    in DNA newspaper they have written student will get 10 mark grace in internal not external.
    so plz confirm

  5. Omkar 6 years ago

    What about those who scored single digit Marks… Its unfair treatment to them… Grace marks must be applicable to all… This decision shows that MU just wanted to increase the passing percentage.

  6. chandrasen 6 years ago

    is the gracing 10 marks decision is confirm by MU…

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