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University Questions of Logistics Management


Concept Questions

Relevance of distance and volume to transportation cost.

Differentiate between internal and external Logistics information system.

Distinguish between MRP-I and DRP.

“Pipeline is a Modal Transport” – Explain.

Pipeline inventory is a form of inventory

The average yearly consumption for an item is 3600 units and the normal Lead Time is one month. If the maximum consumption has been up to 4800 unit per year and the maximum Lead Time is two months, what should be the Buffer Stock of the item?

Product Related Factors in Transportation Costs

Basic Functions of Warehousing.

ABC classification in Inventory Control

Activity Based Costing

Intermodal transportation – Fishyback, Birdyback and Land Bridge.

Palletisation in Material Handling

Drivers in Reverse Logistics.

Internal Performance Measures in Logistics

Annual demand of the item is 1000 units, ordering cost is Rs. 10 per order and inventory-carrying cost is 30% per year. Price per unit is Re. 0.50. Lead-time is two years. Determine the Optimum Order Quantity and Reorder level.

Cross-docking and Economic Order Quantity.

Fill Rate

Bill of Materials.

For a Normally distributed lead time demand, the expected demand during lead time is 80 units and standard deviation of demand during lead time is 10 units. If it is decided to have 95% level of customer service, then find the Re-order

Define Logistics Management.

What are the advantages of hiring Public Warehouses?

What is Matrix Organisation?

Differentiate between MRP I & MRP II.

Define 4th Party Logistics.

State operating objectives of Logistical Management

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

Define “Re-order Level”.

Define “Reverse Logistics”.

What is “JIT II”?

Define “Obsolescence Cost”.

State main objectives of Customer Service


Customer retention

Terminal delays

Lead time

Vendor managed inventory

Why is material handling considered a cost adding activity?

What are the benefits of “minimum variance’ as a operating objective?

What benefits does “vendor managed inventory” create for vendors?

What is the impact of “vehical utilisation” on cost of transportation?

What is “functional integration” in logistics management?

What are any three important differences between the concepts of 3rd Party logistics and 4th party logistics?

What is supply chain?

Briefly comment on the functions of transportation

“Material handling adds only costs and no value”. Comment on this statement.

Briefly distinguish between Mission Based Costing and Activity Based costing

What is “asset utilization?”

What is the role of “Inland Container Depots” or that of “Container Freight Stations”?

What is ” Extended Enterprise”?

What is “Cycle Inventory”?

What is the role of packaging in modern logistics?

Short Notes

Logistics interface with Marketing

Material Handling Equipment.

Functions of Logistics

Mission Based Costing in Logistics

Role of Planning in Logistics Management

Total – Cost Analysis.

Distribution Resource Planning.

Procurement Performance Cycle

Operating Objectives of Logistics.

Elements of Customer Service

Functions of packaging

Third Party Logistics.

Unitization and Containerisation.

Lead Time in Inventory management.

P & Q System of Inventory Control

Elements of Logistics Costs.

Design & Layout of Warehouses

Responsive Organisation.

Objectives of Material Handling System

Perfect order concept

Activity Based costing

Information Functionality

Fourth party logistics

Methods of Forecasting


Importance of logistical network analysis

Objectives of External Performance evaluation

Benefits and limitations of Distribution Requirement Planning

Categorization of customer Service elements

Long length Questions (10 Marks)

Explain the growing importance of Logistics Management in India in today’s context.

Explain in detail various parameters to achiever Logistical competency?

How is performance appraisal carried out in Logistics function?

What is the Economic Order Quantity in Inventory Problem? Discuss its Basic Square Root formula along with assumptions and limitations.

Explain the different objectives of developing and implementing Performance Measurement Systems in Logistics.

Explain the important steps involved in Layout, Design and Site Selection for a model warehouse.

Discuss the objectives of developing and implementing a performance measurement system in integrated logistics management.

(a) What are the underlying principles and square root law in deciding the number of warehouse locations? (b) Explain the concept of Mission Based Costing. What are its benefits?

(a) Explain the basic Warehousing decisions in Logistics Management                                                                             (b) Critically examine the application of ABC analysis in Inventory Management. Give a numerical example.

(a) Explain the strategic role of Information Technology in Logistics Management.                                                                (b) Discuss the various factors of performance measures of logistic activities.

What is Selective Inventory Control? What are various methods adopted in Selective Inventory control policy? Explain with examples.

(a) What is the importance of Transportation Activity in Logistics Management?
(b) What is Demand Forecasting? Explain any three methods of Demand Forecasting.

(a) Define “Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)”. What are the different costs to be considered while calculating EOQ? A firm uses 1000 units of certain item per month, having an unit price of Rs. 20/-. The ordering cost is Rs. 15/- per order and annual inventory

a) What are the Objectives of Logistics Performance Measurement? Describe the components of Internal & External Performance Measurement.
(b) What are the different elements of Customer Service? Explain

(a) What is warehousing? Why do organizations use warehouses in spite of the obvious additional costs?
(b) What is the importance of Customers Service in a competitive business scenario?

(a) What are the main functions of transportation? Explain the role of transportation in integrated Logistics Management.
(b) What are the main objectives of Logistical performance Measurement? Explain.

(a) What are the different methods available for improving inventory management performance of an organisation?
(b) “Properly integrated Inbound and Outbound logistics can provide an efficient logistics system.” Explain.

(a) How does logistics management helps organization in gaining competitive advantage to deliver superior Customer Service?                                                                                           (b) What are the main functions of transport

(a) What are the main objectives and functions of warehousing? Explain.
(b) What are the principles to be applied for designing efficient, Material Handling System?

a) What is the process of Outsourcing and what’ are the benefits of an Organisation gets by outsourcing their logistical functions?
(b) What is Economic Order Quantity and state its assumptions and limitations?

  a) Comment on various types of costs that arise during transportation operation.

 (b) Enumerate the primary activities of Logistical Information System.

 (a) Discuss the impact of inventory on profitability of the company.

(b) Explain internal and external classification of performance measures in Logistical Performance Measurement.

(a) Why has warehousing gained importance in logistical management? What factors are considered in warehouse location decision?
(b) What are 7 -R rule? Explain its significance in customer service.

(a) Discuss merits and demerits of “public warehouse” as a warehousing alternative in logistical Management.

(b) What is the role of logistical information System in procurement area?

(a) What are the strengths and weaknesses of “water transport” as a transportation mode?

(b) How mission based costing is different from activity based costing?

(a) Explain “decoupling” as a function of inventory

(b) Briefly discuss the role of logistical packaging in transportation and material handling

Explain the importance of logistical management in current business environment in India

What is customer service? Explain the objectives of customer services

Discuss pipelines as mode of transportation with advantages and disadvantages

What economic benefits are offered by warehouses? Explain

Explain the importance of inventory control in logistical management

Discuss MRP I and MRP II as planning tools of logistical management

Discuss classification of internal performance measures

What is the importance of logistical network analysis

How did supply Chain management evolve from traditional logistical management

Explain demand forecasting and its benefits

What characteristics are considered for transport mode selection?

Explain briefly the underlying principles of warehouse layout?

What is the significance of reorder level in inventory management? Explain why safety – stocks are necessary.

Explain the role of information technology in logistics management

What are the areas covered by external performance measurement in logistics?

What do you understand by logistical network analysis? Explain briefly.


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