Prelim: Investment analysis and portfolio management


Solve both the sections. Solve any 3 in section 2

Section 1

Q1. Explain the following concepts (3X5=15)

  1. CAPM
  2.  PMS
  3. Efficient market hypothesis
  4. Yield curve
  5. ULIP

Q2.  You are a portfolio manager and are approached by a middle aged man with an investable surplus of Rs 50 lacs. However he requires a sum of Rs 10 lacs after 3 years for his son’s higher education and Rs 25 lacs after 5 years for his daughters marriage. He seems financially well off and can take a risk of around 20% of his portfolio. Help him design an appropriate portfolio to suit his immediate 2 needs. Also help him in tax planning.                                            (15 marks)

Section 2

Q3. A Who do you differentiate between technical and fundamental analysis

  1. What are the roles of SEBI in investor protection

Q4. Evaluate the following portfolios and give your suggestions

Market Return is 12% and risk free rate is 8%

  Portfolio A Portfolio B Portfolio C













Q5. A. Arun is contemplating to invest in any one of the two opportunities. Invest Rs 50,000 every year at 10% for 5 years or invest Rs 35,000 at 12% for 5 years. Which one is a better investment.

Q5 B. Radha purchased 100 shares of Shyam Ltd on Jan 1, 2012 at Rs 230 per share. She paid a brokerage of 1%. Shyam gave a bonus of 1:2 on March 31st, 2012. There were 2 dividends received 10% each on June 1,2012 and June 1, 2013. Radha sold all the shares on June 30, 2013 at Rs 243 per share and paid 1% brokerage. What is her holding period return.

Q6. The following information about Alpha Ltd is given

Particulars Amount


5% Preference shares


12% Debentures




Net sales


Tax rate-30% and MPS is Rs 22. Compute the following

  1. Net profit ratio
  2. Return on equity
  3. EPS
  4. Interest coverage ratio
  5. Book value.

Is the share worth investing.


Prof Vipin Saboo can be contacted on 9820779873 for any further clarifications.

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