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     QUESTION BANK (2013)

1.   Secondary Market (March-2011, March-12, Oct-2012) (S-42) 1.   Explain Various Type of Risk?   (March-12, Oct-2012) (V-186) (S-287)
2.   Time Value of Money (March-2012, Oct-2012) (S-66) (V-148) 2.   Explain Risk and different Measures of Risk? (S-271) (V-189)
3.   Unit Linked Insurance Plan (Oct-2012) (S-19) 3.   Measures of Evaluating Portfolio Performance (S-298) (V-304)
4.   Beta (Oct-2012)(S-302) 4.   What is Investment? Explain Objectives of investment & Factors to be considered before Investing? (V-3,5) (S-4,5)
5.   Intrinsic Value Of Share (Oct-2012)(V-258) 5.   Explain Portfolio Management & it’s Objectives. (V-13) (S-7)
6.   IPO (March 2012)(V-37) (S-37) 6.   Explain Mutual Fund and its types and cost. (S-26, 294)
7.   Non-Marketable Financial Assets (March-2012) (S-15) (V-32) 7.   Explain BSE & its Indice Sensex. (S-53)
8.   Speculation v/s Investment (S-3) (V-4) 8.   Discuss in brief Credit Rating. (V-301)
9.   YTM (March 2012) (S-122) (V-293) 9.   Write note on Money Market Instruments (S-20) (V-41,140)
10.    Tax Saving Investments (March-2011)

11.    (V-11)

10.       Yield curve and its types (S-133)
12.    Dividend Discount Model (March 2011) (S-145) (V-263) 11.       Book Building process (V-104)
13.    Present Value Of Annuity(March-2011) (V-55) (S-97) 12.       Dow Theory (V-252) (S-249)
14.    Technical  Analysis (March 2011)


13.       Debt Market instruments (wholesale and retail) (Search Your Self)
15.    NAV (S-28)  
16.    Co-efficient of Variation (S-273)
17.    Theory of Dominance (S-286)
18.    Doubling Period (S-76) (V-151)
19.    Effective v/s Stated Rate (S-78)
20.    Risk Profiles of Investor (V-204)


21.    Convertible Debentures (S-124)


22.    Blue Chip Shares (S-51)
23.    Bonus Issue (V-102)
24.    Red Herring prospectus (S-42)
25.    Bull, Bear (V-177)
26.    Demat (V-122)
27.    Insider Trading (S-249) Glossary- (vii)
28.    Support & Resistance (S-240)
29.    Candle Stick (S-234)
30.    Head & Shoulder (S-241)
31.    Junk Bond (S-249) Glossary-(vii)
32.    Bought out deals (Search Your Self)
33.    Spreads (Search Your Self)


1.   What is Meant by fundamental analysis approach of investing? (Oct-2012) (S-182) (V-210)

2.   What is the need for Equity Valuation. Explain Methods of Equity valuation. (Oct-2012) (S-138)

3.   What are Investment avenues available to him which will give a stable return with minimum risk? (March/Oct-2012) (For diagram V-8 and Risk Return Matrix)

4.   What is Technical analysis? How is it different from Fundamental analysis (March 2012) (S-11,232,251) (V-239)

5.   What is SEBI? What are its Functions? (March 2012) (S-43) (V-128)

6.   Discuss Role of SEBI in Inventors Protection (March 2011) (S-46) (V-136)

7.   Discuss in brief Risk & Return relationship. (March-2011) (V-203)

8.   What is Return? What are different types of return? (S-255,257) (V-175)

9.   Explain CAPM (S-301)

10.       Brief on Securities Market (Primary and Secondary Market)  (S-36)



1.) Pratibha Pai & Nitin Vazirani (Rishabh Publishing House –RPH)

2.) Abhishek Sood  (Sheth Publication)



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