Hello guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote an article. I was busy in shifting my college and hence couldn’t get time to write the articles. So finally here I am! The topic for my article this time is pertaining to the above mentioned fact. i.e How to change your college if at all, you are not happy to be in the one you are. I did my FYBMS from K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce, Vidyavihar and shifted to Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management, Vile Parle for pursuing my SY and TY. I’ve been through the process of shifting the college and hence would like to guide you all too. These are some of the steps involved:

  1. Carry out a detailed study for the college you want to shift to and do not just rely on your friends.
  2. Ask the details about the college such as faculty, infrastructure, crowd, placements etc.  to your seniors, faculty and your acquaintances who know about these things.
  3. Shift only if you think the college you wish to get shifted too, is worth it.
  4. Admissions to SY and TY are totally dependent on the number of seats vacant. It is not necessary that all colleges have vacant seats.
  5. First of all, have a talk with the BMS Co-ordinator of that college.  Convey to him that you wish to apply in his college and enquire about vacant seats?
  6. If he/she tells you that they do have vacant seats, write a letter stating your personal details, your current college, your achievements and the reason for the shift and submit it along with the Xerox copies of your FY (Sem I and Sem II Marksheets) and your HSC Marksheet to the BMS Co-ordinator or the College Office.
  7. This should be preferably done in first or second week of May as most of the colleges declare their results during this period.
  8. Once this is over, there’s no other option than waiting for the call. If you don’t get a call within 15-20 days, I would recommend that you go to the college and talk to the professor in-charge personally to check the status of your application.
  9. If at all, you get a call, go there that very day or the next day to get the application form and ask the details in the office.
  10. You may also have to face an interview with the co-ordinator or the principal. Make sure you stay confident and answer all their questions satisfactorily.
  11. You will then have to first, cancel the admission in your current college and apply for an NOC (No Objection Certificate) which usually takes upto 7-8 days to process. Inform your desired college about the same.
  12. Once you cancel the admission and get an NOC, rush to the college and complete the procedure by paying the fees.


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Hoshang Pathak

A big Hello to everyone out there! This is Hoshang. An 18 Year old BMS student from K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce. I would describe myself as fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, optimistic, ambitious, hard working, goal oriented blah blah blah and the list continues.. My biggest ambition in life is to make it big in the corporate world and be a successful person altogether. I am an avid reader and a keen follower of Politics. If given a chance, I would like to see myself as a catalyst in India's growth in the real sense and work for the under privileged children of our country. That's it for now. Until then, Take Good Care of Yourself! 🙂
  1. Rohit 8 years ago

    I have an ATKT in Semester 1. If i don’t get any ATKT’s in Semester 2, is it possible for me to change the college?

    • Namratasolani 3 years ago

      Yes.. you need to clear your kts and should not get any kt in 2nd sem

  2. karishma 5 years ago

    I want to know the cut off for sybms

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      Varies from college to college. You can check their fy cutoffs and apply accordingly.

  3. Bhavika Tiruva 5 years ago

    Does the college demand for any donation for SY BMS

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      Depends on the college management and your academic performance. But in ideal cases, its a NO

  4. vipul sardar 5 years ago

    I have 2 ATKT in FYBMS one kt is in 1st sem and 2nd one is in 2nd sem and now i want to change the college form ghtkopar to dombivali so can i chnage the college

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      ATKT students don’t get admission in another college for their sy or tybms. They have to clear their atkt from the same college and apply to another college in the next academic year.

  5. Grace 5 years ago

    I am currently applying for pillai s …. can I shift to xaviers fr 2nd and 3rd year…

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Grace, Xaviers is an autonomous college and they have their own syllabus and exam structure. I don’t think you will get admission in second year BMS at Xaviers if you study fybms in pillai’s or any other college affiliated to mumbai university

      • Nishant 4 years ago

        Can i change from Mumbai university to any college under Pune university?

  6. Suraj Bavlekar 5 years ago

    I Have Many KTs in FYBMS. So Can I Do FYBMS Again Frm Another College N How ?
    Please Help.

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Suraj, you cannot transfer ATKT to another college. In our opinion, you need to first clear your ATKT then you will be able to try to get admission in new college. If you still want to get admission in another college, then your college needs to give NOC and another/new college need should be willing to take ATKT student. For more details, you are requested to contact your college admin.

  7. nikhil khubchandani 5 years ago

    being a science student in 11th and 12th which specialisation would me better for me
    FINANCE or MARKETING . PLs suugest.

  8. Himani 5 years ago

    I had no ATKTs in my SY BMS and I had applied for SY BMS transfer to UPG college from Bhavans college. I haven’t received a call yet and when I asked in the college, they say the results of UPG atkt students haven’t been declared so the mert list isn’t out. Its almost over a month since my college (Bhavans) started with SY. Can you please tell me by when will UPG declare the merit list at the most ?

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Himani, we would recommend you go to the college and talk to the professor in-charge personally to check the status of your application.

  9. saurabh 5 years ago

    If i take admission for sybms in other college will my first year won’t count? Plz reply

    • BMS Team 5 years ago

      You will be given admission to SYBMS in other college only on the basis of your FYBMS marks.

  10. KARTIK 5 years ago

    [email protected]
    please contact me
    thank you

    • Kartik Raichura 5 years ago

      Get in touch with the BMS HOD at upg and ask them if they have seats for the next year. If they do, ask the procedure.

      Repeat same process for any other college.

  11. Krishna Sharma 5 years ago

    i have got one atkt in sem 1 if i clear that and score good grades in sem 2 are there any chances that i will get admission in upg for second year ? or is it necessary to score A or O GRADE in both sem to get admission in upg ,mitibai and other colleges?

  12. manoj 5 years ago

    Can i change college in tybms . My all sub are clear.

  13. manoj 5 years ago

    Thanks sir

  14. Siddhesh Rane 5 years ago

    I had got 1 atkt in first semester which I cleared.I Passed in all subjects Second Semester.I want to change my college.Can I get admission in other college?If Yes,what would be the estimated cutoff percentage of the desired college?

  15. Anjali 5 years ago

    Siddhesh, Read the full article and all comments. Your answers lie within it.

  16. raj 5 years ago

    hello i am currently doing fybcom from nm college but now i want to do arts B.a. in psychology due to some personal reasons so what will i need to do …can anyone please help me out …u can also contact me on 8080499366 on whatsapp please reply asap

  17. Harsh Malpani 4 years ago

    Hey, I got B grade in Semester 1 and probably will get A grade in Semester 2. I want to swap my college from Thakur college to UPG college & i got 88% in HSC (CBSE). Does my application stand any chance of getting admission to this college.
    Please reply asap.

  18. Raj 4 years ago

    Hi there Hoshang ! I too study in K.J. Somaiya A&C, and looking to switch for SY . However I have heard from seniors that our coordinator Sandeep Gupta will actively try to block any transfer.

    I would like to hear your point on this and your struggle (if any) to procure the necessary documentation from the college. Also do they refund the SY fees if you shift ?

    Thank you.

  19. Zahid 4 years ago

    I cleared my first and second semester both ..and apply for lc bcs I want to change my college but they told me that I have to Waite for a PRN no thn they will give me lc

  20. alfiya sayyed 4 years ago

    i am alfiya sayyed fybca student in TMU board but i got kt in 2 subject so can i get admission in another college for sybca.so sir can u plz tell me.it would be possibe or not?

  21. minal 4 years ago

    I want to apply newly for Fy BMS again.i am already in vikas college but i want to get in somaiya.is it possible to now apply for bms fy again..and if yes whats the procedure and documents required ..plz tell

    • Kartik Raichura 4 years ago

      Less chances as freshers get first preference. Somaiya very doubtful. However somaiya college coordinator can throw light on it much better knowing the situation

      If you passed in all subjects he can take admission in sy which will be easier as 1 or 2 dropouts being there in all colleges….. getting in SY will be easier.

  22. Sneha vishwakarma 4 years ago

    Sir I M in fybcom…I want to change the course….can I apply after fybcom to BMS …???

  23. Owais Sayani 4 years ago

    What’s the cut-off for SYBMS for colleges like St. Xaviers, Jai Hind, HR, KC, NM and Mithibai?

  24. Padma 4 years ago

    Hi !!! thanks for the detailed information on how to shift college.I wanted to shift from dahanukar to N M or Usha pravin . I wanted to know how did you find the shift to Usha Pravin. Did you find it worth the shifting ?

  25. prathmesh sawant 4 years ago

    I m currently in fybba in Pune university and want to shift for sybms in mumbai university .. is it possible ? Please reply

  26. Ayush Malviya 3 years ago

    Hey I am pursuing my BMS from KJ Somaiya cllg of science and commerce and i want to opt for Meethibai cllg so what might be the cutoff …

  27. Sagar 3 years ago

    I want to change my college. I’m in sybms. So is it allowed to change from sybms to other college for tybms

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