Guidelines for evaluation of 200 marks BMS Projects

The guidelines for evaluation of the project are as under:

i)            Hard copy 100 marks, Presentation 50 marks and Viva examination 50 marks.


ii)            As per the norms, the learner has to obtain minimum 40% of the marks in the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination i.e. 32 out of 80 and 48 out of 120 marks respectively to pass in the Project.


iii)            The hard copy will be jointly evaluated by the internal and the external guide for 30 and 70 marks respectively.


iv)            The presentation will be evaluated by the internal guide for 50 marks. The viva voce examination of 50 marks will be conducted by the external guide in presence of the internal guide / coordinator / any senior staff appointed by the Principal of the College / Head of the Institution. However the marks for the viva voce will be allotted by the External Guide Only.


v)            The marks obtained by the learner for the project will not be disclosed to the learner before the declaration of the result.


vi)            The marks allotted by the internal guide will be treated as Internal Assessment and the evaluation by the external Guide will be treated as Semester End Assessment i.e. External Assessment.


vii)            The marks thus obtained by the learner in the project will be graded in the SEVEN point scale as given below:




Grade Points


140 & above



120 to 139.99



110 to 119.99



100 to 109.99



90 to 99.00



80 to 89.99


F (Fail)

79.99 & below



viii)            The marks obtained by the learner and the corresponding grade must be communicated to the Controller of Examinations, University of Mumbai by the college authorities in the format prescribed, within 3 days of the conduct of the project evaluation.


ix)            The external examiner is expected to spend at least 10 minutes for every learner to evaluate the hard copy of the project and conduct of the Viva Voce.


x)           External & Internal Examiner should not assess more that 30 project per day (for all courses taken together).


xi)            The remuneration payable to the Internal and External Guide shall be as prescribed by the university


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