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There are many queries related to TYBMS Results!

Few of them we are listing below, just check out-

1) What is the % Class in BMS?

Distinction – 70% and above

First Class – 60% – 70%

Second Class – 50% – 59%

2) What is the passing criteria in BMS?

If you have got above 40% marks in all subjects, then you are declared as PASS

3) How many KTs are allowed in TYBMS?

You are allowed for 6 KTs in SEM 5, and to become a Graduate, You need to clear all KTs in Sem 5 and get all papers cleared in SEM 6.

4) When do we get Marksheets in our hands?

When MU declares its Results Online, you would get Marksheets maximum 5 days after MU declaring Results online.

5) What if i get this “Result for seat number **** is unavailable. You have to contact your respective Institute/College.”

Carry your hallticket

Go to College
Chances are the internals weren’t submitted
Its one of the reasons for withholding the results
Another could be if fees are not paid
A lot more possibilities exist and
it can also mean the student might have got a KT in any subject.
So lets not keep it guessing. Go to the college and figure it out.
If you think positive, sab accha hoga. 🙂

6) What if i get this “Result held in Reserve”

Results are normally held in reserve for the following reasons.

1. Non passing of lower examinations

2. Non receipt of Transfer / Eligibility Certificate

3. Non submission of First Degree certificate required for Masters Degree results etc.


1 Apply for declaration of result through respective college / Institution with a copy of statement of marks of lower examination, first-degree certificate, certificate of eligibility / Transfer etc. whatever is applicable.

2 On receipt of application duly recommended by the college with relevant documents / information and on completion of process result will be declared within the following period.

7) Do we have marks for the Projects?

Yes, the 200 marks projects would be counted in your TYBMS Sem 6 Results.

8 ) What if the Result shows FAILED?

It means you have got a KT in TYBMS Sem 6. How many KTs? That you would come to know when you get your results.

9) What is the grace marks provided to pass?

If you have cleared all 5 PAPERS with good marks and if you are failing in only 1 subject then you are allowed to get 7 marks to pass that subject. This is possible before results. i.e. if you get your results as 5 subjects PASS and 1 subject FAIL, you can give revaluation to MU but chances that they will provide grace marks after Results is quite less.

10) What if I want to give my papers for Revaluation / Rechecking?

You need to buy Revaluation forms from your college and get it filled to apply to MU within 7 days of getting Statement of Marks i.e. BMS Marksheets.

11) Can we see our marks on Internet?

Nope, Mumbai University does not display marks on Internet. It only displays if the student is PASS or FAIL.

12) Is it possible that the results which are displayed on Internet can be wrong sometimes?

Yes, there are many such cases wherein results shown on Internet and actual results are different. That’s why you should always wait for the actual results i.e. statement of marks to decide anything.

13) When would the TYBMS Sem 6 ATKT Exams be held and when will its results come?

They would be held in October/November and its results would be out after 2 months of exams.

14) How much time it takes for Revaluation?

It takes (45) working days from the date of receipt of the application for revaluation by the University.

15) What if I get more than 2 KTs in TYBMS Sem 6? 

You would have to reappear the whole semester again.

Also, check the Revaluation procedure on BMS.co.in http://bms.co.in/mumbai-university-procedure-for-tybms-students/

16) For how many marks is Revaluation done for a KT paper?

Revaluation is done for papers which needs 6-7 marks for passing in that paper.




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  1. PRATIK 9 years ago

    Result for seat number **** is unavailable. You have to contact your respective Institute/College.”

    • Author

      It means you have got a KT in one or more subjects in Sem 6.

    • wasim khan 8 years ago

      what is the procedrue of giving gracemarks…?? i mean if i get 2 kt’s and i score 22 in that subject… so does the university divided the grace marks by giving 2-2 in each subject….?? or is it valid to give grace marks in one subject only??

      • Author

        grace marks is given for only 1 subject and it depends on the marks obtained in other subjects. max marks provided by the University is 5

        • wasim khan 8 years ago

          if i get 22 in IF and 22 in OR… and i have 5 grace marks with me… so will it be divided?? and in the rest subjects i get good marks…. so will the grace marks get divided in OR and IF.. making it 24 each…

          • Author

            No, grace marks are given only in 1 subject provided you get above 45-50 in other subjects. Don’t worry, lets hope for the best that you wont get less marks in both subjects

  2. PRATIKKUMAR 9 years ago

    If i dont get internal marks then i will get KT

  3. KUSUM 9 years ago

    if i dont get internal marks.in one subject..then i may get kt…in 6th sem what

  4. shraddha 9 years ago

    i fail in 6th sem?when are the KT exam??pls reply

  5. sid 9 years ago

    does the internet result shown failed means i have got kt or i have to reappear?

    • Author

      It would be better if you don’t depend on internet results completely. Sometimes there are errors in results database. As there are various possibilities of Failed. It can also mean you have got 2 or more KTs and have to reappear for the semester. So you would get a clear idea when results are at your hand.

      • shree 9 years ago

        if i m failed in 1 sub…result also failed ??

        • Author

          If you are failed in 1 subject in sem 6, then result comes as failed. or it may be more than 2 kts also. there are many possibilities. you would get clear idea when you get your results.

  6. sonam 9 years ago

    what if i got failed as my result?? when will b the kt exam and do i ahve 2 reappear 4 all subjects and full year/?

  7. Author
    parv 9 years ago

    It would be better if you don’t depend on internet results completely. Sometimes there are errors in results database. As there are various possibilities of Failed. It can also mean you have got 2 or more KTs and have to reappear for the semester. So you would get a clear idea when results are at your hand. KT Exams are mostly in October

  8. Author

    Plz check in which and how many subjects you have failed. KT exams are in the month of october. Depending on how many subjects u failed would decide whether u wud b reappearing full ty again.

  9. shraddha 9 years ago

    i failed in 2 subject do i hv 2 gv exams of full sem6 or just d subjcts in which i failed..? when will b the kt exams…
    does it mean….that my full 1 year will be wasted again in reappearing 4 full ty…again ?

    • Author

      Its just the subjects you failed. KT exams would b in October.
      No, it doesnot mean your full year is wasted. You can do some job til you clear your TY exams

  10. shree 9 years ago

    im cleared 5 papers with 372 marks but failed in IF (EXTERNAL GOT 17 &INTERNAL GOT 36)than, kua mere ko 7 grace mark mil sakta hai kya .. ?
    u r mention above in Question no.9..its a MU rules ?

    • Author

      Go for revaluation/rechecking

      • shree 9 years ago

        so, can i fill re-exam form ?? can i get 7 grace mark after revaluation/rechecking ?? to mere ko re-exam dena padega kya ???

        • Author
          parv 9 years ago

          Revaluation is done for the papers who are failing for 6-7 marks. You need to buy revaluation forms from the college

          • shree 9 years ago

            IF ka re-exam dena padega kya ?
            REVALUATION ka result kab aaega…kt paper ke pahile ya baad mai ??

  11. neelam 9 years ago

    what am I supposed to do after BMS if I want career in advertising. should I do MBA in advertising or Diploma in Advertising..pls reply soon………..

  12. anonymous 9 years ago

    My name is not there in d 4th revaluation list also.I got 2 kt’s, one I cleared & one has not come yet.One more revaluation list will be displayed or not?

    • H 9 years ago

      @ anonymous: r u waiting fr ur entrepreneurship paper result?
      i gt a kt too in entre n e1 my no is nt there in all the 4lists

    • Author

      yes, it would come, but no idea when

  13. anonymous 9 years ago

    My retail mngt results r not out yet.Will it be displayed before k.t. exams.Plz display it soon…..

  14. anonymous 9 years ago

    Sir, my retail mngt. result is not there in the 5th list also.When will be the next list displayed? Will it be displayed before k.t. exams?

  15. H 9 years ago

    bms….me n my frnds no is nt there in 5th list also …is there any more lists cmng??

  16. sarvesh 9 years ago

    i have 24 marks in internal and got 24 reval (external) so i am passed or not

    • Author
      • Sarvesh 9 years ago

        sorry sir but please specify pass or fail because i am very tense…

        • Author
          parv 9 years ago

          yes, if you got 40 marks out of 100 then you are pass.

  17. sajida 9 years ago

    when will we get the ammended marksheet of bms sem6 2011

  18. H 9 years ago

    bms please chek wit the uni abt 6th list its almost 2 weeks n no list yet there are soo many students waiting for it.

  19. Nikhil 9 years ago

    if i get a kt in one or two exams in the 5th sem of tybms, when do we have to give the rexam (kt exam) to clear it..?

    • Nikhil 9 years ago

      i meant, which month do we give it. and would it be before our 6th sem tybms exams or after the 6th sem ?

      • Author

        if you get a kt in 5th sem, you would have to appear in march/april i.e. before your sem 6 exams.

        • Nikhil 9 years ago

          thank you.
          and what if by chance, i fail in more than 2 exams in the 5th sem, do i have to give all the other exams in which i passed also..?

          • Nikhil 9 years ago

            and what if fail in 2 exams ?

          • Author

            even if u fail in 2 exams or 3. u wud have to appear for only those exams which u fail.
            in sem 5, 6 atkts are allowed.

  20. sonam 9 years ago

    i have passed in revaluation…can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz teme when will i get the new marksheet wid pass in all subjects….????/

    i passed in rev on 23rd sept list….its 2months now…when will i get d new marksheet? i cant even apply 4 jobs coz of that n i lost so many opportunites..

  21. Nikhil 9 years ago

    thank you so much.
    one more thing generally, like u said..6 kts are allowed in sem 5 so we have to give those exams only in which we fail…what is the condition in sem 6..how many are allowed ?

    • Author

      yes, only those exams which u fail in sem 5 you have to give.
      in sem 6, no ATKT is allowed.
      And before you appear for SEM 6, you have to clear all your KTs in sem 5.

      • Harshit 9 years ago

        no ATKT is allowed in sem 6 as in ??
        what if by chance i get a kt …then ?

        • Author

          You would be considered as fail and Results of Semester VI will be kept in abeyance until the student passes in Semester I, Semester II, Semester III, Semester IV and Semester V.

          • Harshit 9 years ago

            ohh..u r saying..that we have to clear all our previous sem exams before appearing for sem 6..otherwise we wont be allowed to ??
            i was actually asking, what if i fail in one or two exams in sem 6 ? then ?

          • Author

            Then you have to again appear for those exams.

  22. sonam 9 years ago

    plz can some1 rep ven will we get d new marksheet ?

  23. prasad 8 years ago

    when the 5th sem result will be decalare………………………

  24. Ab 8 years ago

    I did not submit 1 internal in 5th sem in Nov 2008 and I was absent in all 6 external theory papers of 6th sem April 2009 bt cleared all internals. Now the syllabus has been changed and i want to give all the papers. What should i do now? Will i have to give all the 5th sem & 6th sem’s papers again. Pls help.

    • Author

      You would have to appear for TYBMS again. Please contact your college or else let us know which college you are from so that we can guide you accordingly.

  25. Carin 8 years ago

    When and how will we know our Sem5 marks and % which was held in Nov ’11?

  26. Kalpesh pawar 8 years ago

    By mistake university given absent mark in marketing subject i have said to this to my college and thy are saying you will pass after writting letter to university it is possible and how? please reply.

    • Author

      Yes, Please follow the instructions given by your college and at the same time, remember the University procedure takes a long time. so dont let it affect your sem 6 studies

  27. mohd ali 8 years ago

    i got kt in Fm n i hd given in reval wen will the result come b4 the kt exam or after bcoz kt papers r frm 10 of this month

  28. priti 8 years ago

    what is d date of 6th sem revised exam by nw university is saying 24 april bt is it going to postpone to may?????

  29. raj 8 years ago

    i had given atkt exam of or in oct n it result was declared in december but still i didn’t got the marksheet

    • Author

      You should ideally get the marksheet by April. Please go to the University if your marksheets are not available in your college

  30. dattaram 8 years ago

    if i get kt in maths subject in sem 2 and if i clear that exam means the kt than it will show my marks obtained in the ty result or they will show KT. I think i will get a kt in sem 2 maths. & plz tell me when the exams will be held.

    • Author

      The exams would be held as soon as the results are out so that you can admissions for next year. Well, again it depends on the college.

      • dattaram 8 years ago

        thanks for the reply but i have got admission in sy than when will the exams being conducted

  31. Prashant 8 years ago

    I have got kt in OR and i got 14 marks in external..should i apply for revaluation???

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      Do apply for revaluation but at the same time, be prepared to give ATKT exams as there is no guarantee that after revaluation, your marks can be increased by 10 marks

      • Prashant 8 years ago

        i have checkd my photocopy of marksheet there are chances that i wil get 3 marks more…would i get 7 marks grace??

  32. Pooja 8 years ago

    i got kt in OR subject, in 6th sem, i got 16 marks in external,and i gave my paper for revaluation,r there chances that i would b pass in that,and when the revaluation results coming,plz,explain me.

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      It takes (45) working days from the date of receipt of the application for revaluation by the University.

  33. sarabhjeet 8 years ago

    IN OR subject (exam held on april 2012)i hve got 7 marks in external and 32 marks in internal….
    my aggregate % in sixth sem is 69%, i scored 70% in my 5th sem,…
    my or paper did’nt went dat bad,… i was shocked to see fail in d result dat to with 7 marks…
    m feeling very low…
    as i cannot apply 4 any PG course as well….
    though i hve requested my colg officials 2 accept my revaluation form dey said dey r nt sure whether my form wil b accepted or rejected…
    i dnt want 2 get kt,…. what should i do :-(((

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      Do apply for revaluation and also fill ATKT Exam forms.
      If your marks don’t change even after revaluation, its better if you appear for kt exams and clear the paper.

      • sarabhjeet 8 years ago

        MY REVALUATION forms are not being accepted by the mu as i have scored 7 marks in or , my internals is 32…. my paper was’nt bad….
        i m vry sure ders sme mistake…..
        can u suggest any thing wat step should i take nw…..
        my total marks in 6th sem is 420…..
        m getting d kt in or….
        pls help

  34. mahesh 8 years ago

    if i had atkt in 5 semster in tybms but clear my atkt & i got 65%in 6 semster but result out pass class can i aaply for mba

  35. Nilesh Joshi 8 years ago

    I last appeared the tybms in 2007-08 and at that time the passing was 50% and i have failed in one exam in sem 5 and failed in two subjects in sem 6. However if i now check the passing is 40%. The sem 6 subjects in which i failed i scored 41 in both the subjects. What should i do, should i reappear for exams

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      yes you should reappear for the exams

  36. Aditya 8 years ago

    Hw much is the passing ? (Both internal and external)

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      Passing marks for –
      Internal Exams – 16 / 40
      External Exams – 24 / 60

  37. Swati 8 years ago

    I have cleared first to fifth semester but couldnt clear in sixth semester…got a kt in OR scored 14 marks…I gave the paper for revaluation and scored 6 in it…now when I appear for the kt exam on 12th oct and if I pass in kt exam then which class I will be awarded pass class or first class…i have scored 62% in 5th sem and 58% in 6th sem considering OR marks. How will my final certificate look like? And till when will be the kt exam result out?

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      Your marksheet would show “Pass Class”. KT Exam Results would be out within 2-3 months

  38. Swati 8 years ago

    When will I get my final mark sheet in hand after I appear for kt exam in oct? Can I apply for abroad studies with a pass class certificate?

    • Author
      BMS Team 8 years ago

      You would get the Marksheet within 3 months after the exams. You can check with the Eligibility criteria of the respective universities/colleges

      • Gaurabh 1 year ago

        If I pass all subejects and have 20 mark in or external seem 6 will I get passed

  39. shraddha 7 years ago

    If i get more than 2 KT’s in V sem. then i’ll be allowed to sit in VI sem. or not ?

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago

      Yes, you will be allowed to go to Sem 6 irrespective of the number of KTs you have in Sem 5. But before you appear for sem 6 exams, you need to clear your sem 5 KTs

  40. Abhishek 7 years ago

    I got in Fm 15 marks in externals in 5th sem is there chances of giving me grace marks upto 9 mks in other subject I have got all above 30 mks

    • Abhishek 7 years ago

      Do I have the chances of passing

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago

      Only 3-7 grace marks are allowed

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  43. nikita 7 years ago

    we have passed in revalution of 5th sem bt stl nt gt change rslt i wannna knw til wen we wil get pls rply sooooon

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago

      You have to collect the results/marksheets from your college. It takes nearly a week’s time for the results to be given in the colleges after declaring it online

      • nikita 7 years ago

        bt the rslt was declared a month before stl we not got it
        rply pls??????????????????????

  44. Afreen 7 years ago

    If i have a kt in sem-6, can i still carry on n appear for my mba entrance exams that is in november n feb?

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago


      • Afreen 7 years ago

        ok so i can appear for my entrance. But, i approached the coaching classes tday.. they asked me whether the marksheet that we receive after clearing the kts has only pass class or the percentage we have scored.
        Plz help me..I dont understand a thing.

  45. nikita 7 years ago

    our result is not being open its shwng reserved wt shud we do pls rply??????????????????????????????????????????/

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago

      go to your college , tell them , you will have to fill a form , send copies of all your previous marksheets and they will send your result in like 15-20 days

  46. Sabrina Lobo 7 years ago

    Will the 200 marks project be graded or will the marks get added to our overall total?

  47. hemant 7 years ago

    Hey, i hve clered 5 paper wid good marks in 6 sem bt failed in O.R got 15 marks attempted all qtions.. So dere is chance off pasing ????.. Sem 5 all cleared wid 68% nd even sem 6 i got 66% wid 1k.t

  48. Nabil 7 years ago

    I scored 16 marks in OR is there any chances of getting cleared in revaluation & I passed in rest 5 subject with total marks 387

    • Author
      BMS Team 7 years ago

      Grace marks is 7. And its better you appear for ATKT exams as well as revaluation results takes time.

  49. jayant 7 years ago

    when our sem 5 revaluation result will be reach in college……because the college staff said that the university till now doesn’t print the result what the issue sir?……………..because f that our 6 sem result is pending……..so what to do sir?

  50. Rohan mehta 7 years ago

    Hi, need an urgent help.. I have got a kt in my sem6 Qom 2…April 2006… Now since the syllubus has changed how do I apply for the kt.. The university office is not helping n my college is saying to go to university.. Pls help as no one seems to know the answer…waiting for ur reply..

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