Explain the steps involved in the Selection Process

Explain steps involved in the selection process.

Ans.    Selection is a process of choosing right person for the right job. The selection process consists of a series of steps or techniques as follows :

           1.      Job Analysis : The first step in selection process is analyzing the job. Job analysis consists of two parts :

(a)     Job Description, and

(b)     Job Specification.

Proper job analysis helps to advertise the job properly. Accordingly, the right candidates may apply for the job, thus saving a lot of time and effort of the selectors.

2.      Advertising the Job : The next step is to advertise the job. The job can be advertised through various media. The right details about the job and the candidate must be given in the advertisement.

3.      Initial Screening : The initial screening can be done of the applications and of the applicant. Usually, a junior executive does the screening work. At this stage, the executive may check on the general personality, age, qualifications, family background of the candidate. The candidate may also be informed of salary, working conditions, etc.

4.      Application Blank : It is a prescribed form of the company which helps to obtain information about candidate in respect of social, biographic, academic, work experience, references, etc.

          The application blank helps to –

  • It provides input for the interview.
  • It provides basis to reject candidates if they do not meet eligibility criteria, such as experience, qualifications, etc.

5.      Tests : Various tests are conducted to judge the ability and efficiency of the candidates. The type of tests depends upon the nature of job. An important advantage of testing is that it can be administered to a large group of candidates at a time and saves time and cost.

The various tests are : (a) Personality test, (b) Intelligence test,   (c) Performance test, (d) Stress test, etc.

6.      Interview : It is face to face exchange of views, ideas and opinions between the candidate and interviewer(s). There are various types of interviews such as :  (a) Panel Interview, (b) Individual Interview, (c) Group Interview, (d) Stress Interview, (e) Exit Interview.

7.      Reference Check : A candidate may be asked to provide references from those who are willing to supply or confirm about the applicant’s past life, character and experience.

  • Reference check helps to know the personal character and family background of the candidate.
  • It helps to guard against possible false information supplied by candidate.

8.      Medical Check : Medical examination of the candidates is undertaken before they join the firm in order to –

  • Find out whether the candidate is physically fit to carry out duties and responsibilities effectively,
  • Ensure the health and safety of other employees,
  • Find out whether the candidate is sensitive to certain work place such as in a chemical factory.

9.      Final Interview : Before making a job offer, the candidates may be subjected to one more oral interview to find out their interest in the job and their expectations. At this stage, salary and other perks may be negotiated.

10.    Job Offer : This is the most crucial and final step in selection process. A wrong selection of a candidate may make the company to suffer for a good number of years and the loss is incalculable. Company should make a very important decision to offer right job to the right person.

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