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Can you get the one you love just by loving the person? Can you get a job only with your degree? No you cannot….To get your love you need have the courage to go and be able to express the way you feel for the person in such a way that the person understands your feelings exactly the way you feel. You also cannot get a job just with your degree is you lack the communication skills, confidence and convincing power and personality. So what is that which is required or that which makes a person complete as an Individual. It is the soft skills or (EQ) Emotional Quotient complementing the Intelligent Quotient (IQ?)

Firstly let’s know what soft skills is all about? Soft skills include your communication skills, personality traits, how you deal with others, your optimistic attitude, and friendliness. In other words it is your emotions and Insights. Ok now you might say why is all this required? It is because you are going to go out and work with people so this is one of the mostly requirement in your CV. There are many people ho simply get job even if their qualification does not meet the requirement. It is the soft skills that are required to work and do business.

Let us give you an example when you go for an Interview there are two candidates. One who is extremely qualified but cannot convince the Interviewer as to why should he get the job and is extremely nervous. The other candidate qualification is not that excellent but is an excellent communicator and is confident and knows what to do and carries a positive body language. Who do you think will get the job? It is very clear that the second candidate will get the job because they don’t want mere degree they need people who can communicate and increase their business.

Soft skills are not something that you get up one night before your interview and start working on it. It is not your exams wherein overnight preparations will get you marks. It requires daily working an improvement on it and how do you improve your soft skills?

  1. Improve on those skills that you lack
  2. Interact with people which is helpful for your self development
  3. Set a target for yourself in everything you do will also help to improve your soft skill
  4. Communicate clearly confidently ,tactfully and clearly
  5. Be positive in everything you do


By following the tips you will be able become a remarkable person with remarkable soft skills which will help you achieve everything you want to.

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