1) Master of Commerce (M.Com) – 2 years

2) Master of Management Studies (M.M.S.) – 2 years full-time

3) Master Degree in Marketing Management (M.M.M.) – 1 year part-time

4) Master of Financial Management (M.F.M.) – 3 years part-time

5) Master of Human Resources Development Management (M.H.R.D.M.) – 3 years part-time

6) Master degree in Information Management (M.I.M.) – 3 years part-time

7) Master of Financial Services Management (M.F.S.M.) – 3 years part-time

8) Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Indian Navy) – 4 months, full time, residential course

9) Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Insurance Sector – 2 years

10) Post Graduate Diploma courses in – marketing management / financial management/ materials management/ human resources management – 10 months course

11) Diploma in Marketing Management (D.M.M.) – 1 year part-time

12) Diploma in Marketing Studies (D.M.S.) – 2 years

13) Diploma in Systems Management (D.S.M)- 1 year part-time

14) Diploma in Operation Management (D.O.M.)- 1 year part-time

15) Diploma in Computer Management (D.C.M.) – 1 year part-time

16) Diploma in Administrative Management (D.A.M.) – 1 year part-time

17) Diploma in Administration – 1 year part-time

18) Diploma Course in E-Commerce and Financial Accounting Management

a) E-Commerce Technician – 4 months, b) Computerized Office Technician – 3 months, c) Computerized Financial Accounting Technician –  2.5 months

19) Certificate Course in Crucial Issues in Disaster Management – 3 months

20) Certificate Course in Environment Management and Disaster Mitigation – 5 months

21) Certificate Course in Gardening and Nursery Management – 6 months

22) Certificate courses in Accounting – 1 years

23) M.A. in History, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, English, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit- 2 years

24) M.Com (Account OR Management Group) – 2 years

25) Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management – 2 years

26)Post Graduate Diploma in Operational Research Management – 2 years

27)Certificate course in Net programming – 6 months

28) Certificate course in Insurance Marketing- 3 months part-time

29) Certificate course in Hospital Management – 3 months part-time

30) Diploma in Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding (DCC & FF) – 1.5 year

31) Diploma in Tour Management – 1 year

32) Diploma in Tourism and Travel Industry Management – 2 years full time

33) Post Graduate Diploma Course in Tourism and Travel Industry Management –  18 months

34) Post Graduate Diploma Course in Retail Management – 1 year full-time

35) Post Graduate Diploma Course in Management and Insurance Sector – 2 years

36) Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management – 2 years

37) Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Administration – 2 years

38) Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Insurance Sector (PGDMIS) – 2 years

39) Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Logistics/Retail – 2 years part-time

40) Stock Market Operation Management Course – 3 years (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma)

41) Family Business Management Course – 3 years (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma)

42) International Business (Export Management Course) – 3 years (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma)

43) Management of Retail Business – 3 years (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma)

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  1. preetish 6 years ago

    what about hotel management?

  2. preetish 6 years ago

    MCA is also a good option..
    Can u pls update your list with more options..thanks..
    (better if in a tabular form)

  3. hiba 6 years ago

    Thanks this is what I have been searching for

  4. Falguni 5 years ago

    i want to do certification course side by side in my sybms which course shd i take?? Nwht shd i do aftr tybms xcpt mba…Very confusd!!!

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      You can take up short term courses from reputed institutes of Mumbai or be online courses. You can take up a job after tybms if you dont want to do MBA

  5. subhash gehlot 5 years ago

    Pls help me out with international business like what to take and from which college what exams to take which country if any outside indian
    Pls help m comfused

  6. Pratik Bhalerao 5 years ago

    What are the computer related courses after BMS, with 50,000 or greater than 50,000 salary.
    please suggest fast
    thank you

  7. Priyanka 5 years ago


    I have done BMS , afterwhich from last 1 year i am working as an HR Executive (Recruitment) to which now i wish to move out of recruitments and work in some other profile of HR (Generalist).

    Request you to guide me of different HR Courses with all the possible options and suggest me for the best course which would help me grow as an HR Professional. As of now, i am confused between part time MBA and Diploma in HR.

    Waiting for your revert.

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Part-time MBA is definitely better than diploma course in HR as the academic topics covered in 2 year MBA program is better than diploma. You get to acquire the knowledge and skills of HR management and administration, employment, training and labour relations. Pursuing the course from leading management schools like IIM B and Lucknow, XLRI Jamshedpur, IIT Delhi also is considered to be one of the best options for part-time MBA than a diploma course.

    • Anubhuti shah 1 year ago

      So what did you decide?
      As I am in the same position.
      I have completed my BMS and currently working as a HR Generalist.
      Confused if should go for Part time , 1 year PGDM or full time.

  8. sanchit 5 years ago

    what is the eligibility required for doing MCom after BMS course

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      You should have cleared and passed the BMS course successfully.

    • Pratik Bhalerao 3 years ago

      For BMS, 10+2 should be more than 50%.

      And for MBA, 10+2+3 and Entrance Exam pass with more than 50%, the cut off also depends upon different colleges for both degrees.

      • Vishal Gupta 3 years ago

        Is the average of all 10+2+3 exams required or just graduation scores to be 50% and above

  9. Jeetesh 5 years ago

    Can you plz explain me about the International business(Export managent) and elegibility and colleges

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in international business or export management, you should have a bachelor’s degree and appear and clear the entrance exam to get admitted to the course. The duration of the course is mostly 2 years if done full-time. The colleges which offer the specialization in Mumbai are ITM, IBSAR, SP Jain, DY Patil and so on. You will get more details in the respective institute’s websites about the course structure, fees etc.

  10. shrinivas 5 years ago

    I m studyng in sybms from mumbai university my dream is to be a CEO in good reputed organisation so can u plz tell me wat to do after ty n how much i hav to score im sy n ty and i hav taken hr for optional sub..

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Projects, internships and experience is all that matters and required to become what you dream of. Practical experience weighs much more than any course / marks.

  11. Ajay 5 years ago

    I have kt in this year 2015 so I don’t want seat home I want to do some course so can you suggest me which course I can do and it will help me in future

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Ajay, you can do few short-term courses of 3 months or 6 months depending on your interest or future career plans / options in finance, HR or marketing.

  12. Christy muraleedharan 5 years ago

    Doing MBA after BMS is like doing management course again… Is it so or do you suggest any 2year course in finance or export and import.. Which will be better??

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      The first year MBA or PGDBA will be same for all and you get to learn about the specialization you choose in the second year. So either you can take up Masters or PG programs in your area of interest or you can do Diploma / 1 year / 6 months courses which will help you to learn only those subjects of the specialization.

  13. Divyesh 5 years ago

    Can I pursue a masters in eco ager doing bms? Where can I do a ma in eco in India?what are the job opportunities and pay packages? Please suggest.

  14. Nikhil 5 years ago

    i have done my BMS and doing M com in Business management part 1 only just beacuse i want to do Ms from US as i need 16 years of education can u guys please tell me about courses in Ms for a management student or can u send me any link where i can find various courses in USA

  15. Sayyed sohel 5 years ago

    I am searching for course after my tybms is completed. I have to do course of 6 to 8 months course. Which type of course is best for me.

    • Madhu 4 years ago

      I want a short term course which vil be benefit for my career. Plz guide me with college n fees

  16. Sonal 5 years ago

    Please tell me…i need advised from u

    what are the computer related courses after bms with 50,000 or greater than 50,000 salary.

  17. Kartik Raichura 5 years ago

    Work with us and learn blogging for free or take a digital marketing course at NIIT, Aptech etc.

  18. Ashwini garande 4 years ago

    I had done bms what should i do from 18,22,25
    1.diploma in ecommerce n financial accounting mgt
    2.certificate in accounting
    How much fees i have to pay
    which one is better and how i will enter in that course means from which college what value i will get after completing the coure at what position i worked and what will be my salary.

  19. akshay 4 years ago

    i just gave my last sem exams. i want to do MBA Event management.. i want to know should i go for it ri8 nw or after doing M.COM. n side by side job ??????????

  20. Tausif Haju 4 years ago

    I am thinking about NAVY so can you please explain me about NAVY.

  21. Uzma 4 years ago

    Hiii ….recently i had completed hsc wid 81.23% n now i want to prsue bms course but m confused after bms should i directly go for mba in hr or for diploma in hr

  22. ravi bhanushali 4 years ago

    Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Indian Navy) I want to know about this course and after the job opportunities pls tell me……..n which clg or institute is best for this course pls suggest. ..

  23. hiren 4 years ago

    which is good financial management, HR, marketing ?

  24. kajal 4 years ago

    hi, sirI done my bms & also done the MS-CIT & tally now which computer course i need to prefer for getting nice jog

  25. flavia 4 years ago

    I Have done bms what can i do except mba. Which short term course i should go for. N m interested in computer.

    • flavia 4 years ago

      I have done bms . What can i do after this. Which job i should go for or else which short term course i can go for?

  26. Shubham patwa 4 years ago

    M in tybms Result will b soon
    After my Graduation this Diploma can help me for Growth in my future and get job easily
    Diploma in Customs Clearance and Freight Fŕorwarding (DCC & FF) – 1.5 year

  27. RAJAT BHOSALE 4 years ago

    well i am confused between mba/mcom/cfa.what should i do in order to get good amount of knowledge and salary in future. i hav completed bms in 2015 and hav no work experience.

    • s 4 years ago

      There are interesting jobs on bms.co.in/jobs

  28. Kartik Raichura 4 years ago

    Hi Rajat, get a job first. You first need some work experience before plunging into a masters degree.

    Explore the market and see what kind of job profiles interest you. Pursue those and get some experience. It will help you decide your career path ahead.

  29. Mohita 4 years ago

    I am currently in my third year of bms specialising in HR.
    Which course would be more beneficial an MMS Degree or a Masters in Labour Studies?
    Waiting for you to revert.

  30. Tejal sagvekar 4 years ago

    I am currently ..in 2nd year ..of BMS with finance specialization.what if I want to change my specialisation in post graduate degree?
    Also which would be the best course to do from above .

    • Kartik Raichura 4 years ago

      You have a choice to select your specialisation in PG. You can do it at your will. The best course for you will be different from the best course for your friend. I suggest you visit a career counsellor.

  31. Ramesh parmar 4 years ago

    I m Pursiving SyBms In finance what are the Other courses Which i should Do For my Bright Future ?

    • lol 3 years ago

      Well first off “stop pursiving” and start pursuing instead 😀

  32. Aarti londhe 3 years ago

    I’M pursuing Tybms in HR specilized Nw ..plz help me what should I do after ty wether Mba or mhrdm which iz better fr hr field

    • :( 3 years ago

      better grammar is a start

  33. Chandan pandit 3 years ago

    I have done BMS but in future I want to do MBA so can you guide me if any experience is required.so which job is suitable for experience as I want to do MBA in finance

  34. Keshav Mourya 3 years ago

    I have one Question
    After BMS Courses i want to do MCA it possible or not Pls give porper Adverts

  35. Anomaly 3 years ago

    I don’t have graduation in degree but planning to go BMS in xibms Bangalore it’s fast track duration ? It’s worth?

  36. Reshma 3 years ago

    I have completed BMS in 2012. Also pursued PGDBA specialisation in operations from Symbiosis (distance learning) 2016 and PGDB Banking course from NIIT IFBI in the year 2014. I’m confused that what kind of Job shall I start with. Please suggest me with Best career option with good future.

  37. shreya 3 years ago

    i want to do tours and travels management so is BMS the right course for graduation?

  38. Ramkrishna Gupta 3 years ago

    Yeah I completed my Bms in 2015 & I hv a 1year exp in health care…now I was confused Whic specialiatoin do MBA

    • Kartik Raichura 3 years ago

      1 year experience in health care does not necessarily mean liking towards the field. Which department were you working on in your last company?

  39. Fauzia Shaikh 3 years ago

    I had queries regarding the certificate course in hospital managment after B.M.S. which college or which institute will provide this?

  40. bigo live download 3 years ago

    bigo is good app

  41. shadab ansari 3 years ago

    What about pg diploma in travel in tourism after business what’s the scope?

  42. jyoti singh 3 years ago

    pls tell me the best training course for hr in mumbai

  43. Raj 3 years ago

    right now i am in TYBMS final year after that i want to do the MBA in finance is there any scope in this field please inform in details in which university i can do this course in india OR outside india

  44. Abhi 3 years ago

    I Completed my BMS In 2012 and having 5 year experience in photography, video shooting and 2 year experience in Insurance Sector. Now I Want to do Study which course is better for me ? Except Marketing?

  45. Khushboo Jaiswal 2 years ago

    I am SYBMS marketing student.. I m really confused wat shld I go for after graduation.. Plzz suggest me as soon as possible.

  46. Manohar Mestri 2 years ago

    post graduation deploma in management ( Indian Navy ) I kwon about this cource and after job opportunities plz tell me. which college is best for this cource plz suggest.

    • Suresh 2 years ago

      Actually I want to do these course also but there no college I found . If u found plz suggest me also

  47. Aastha 2 years ago

    Im in 12th and p.c.m student can u plz tell me that b.m.s will be better or b.b.a will better in which course there is more scope.??

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