Ethics and Governance Question bank for SEM 5 TYBMS Nov 2016 EXAM

Ethics and Governance Advertisement Unit 1 What is ethics and what are the features of ethics What are the objectives and importance of ethics Ethics vs law vs morality What are the types of ethics What are features of business ethics What are the importance of business ethics What...

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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility – TYBMS Sem 5 Important Questions Bank 2015

Hello TYBMS students, We’ve been receiving many requests by students to publish some questions we think are important from the exam preparations perspective. Let’s try to make this a two way exercise. While we gather the question banks, you might have some inputs on this too! Please use the comments...

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The Amazing Study Guide, Tips & Tricks For Business Ethics and CSR (BE) Exam

Introduction: Semester 5 is the first University exams we BMS students have to face and almost all the subjects are lengthy and tiresome to study. The thought of yet another new subject we have no knowledge of feels like a burden so when I start talking about Business Ethics and...

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What is Green Accounting System?

i)                    Green Accounting system basically focuses on deficiencies in conventional accounts with respect to the environment. ii)                  It makes efforts to see that environmental costs are properly reflected in the prices paid for goods & services. iii)                As a result companies & consumers would adjust market behaviour in a...

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