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The Best Study Guide, Tips and Tricks For Business Environment (BE) Exam

Introduction: When I use the word environment the first thing that comes to my mind is a simple 2 line explanation stating, ‘anything that surround us is called as our environment’ so now just attach this word to business and we get Business Environment, so how do we explain it? Anything that surrounds our Business […]

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Changes indicated by Government

A brief summary of the changes indicated by the Government is given below:   A) Industrial Policy: i) No investment limit for large Indian and Foreign compani   ii) Opening of Telecommunication and power sector for private   iii) Private investment allowed to build-operate-transfer roads and bridges in selected and specified areas.   iv) An […]

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Social and Regulatory Environment in India

Social Environment in India: The various groups like share consumers, employees, local community etc., and their expectation collectively constitute the social environment.  It also includes religion; rate of illiteracy, level of income and many more the sociocultural environment in India has undergone significant changes over the years.  The important features of such changes are as […]

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Interface Between Business And Environment

Interface is a point of contact between business and its environment. It is a link between business on one side and environment on other. Business and environment are like the two sides of the same coin i.e., one cannot survive without the other.  Business and environment are independent but interdependent on each other for survival […]

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The Industrial policy Resolution of 1948

The Industrial policy Resolution of 1948: The Resolution of 1948 envisaged greater role to the state in the development of industries. The policy emphasized rapid industrialization and growth in national and per capital income.  The salient features of the resolution are as under It advocated the concept of mixed economy i.e. Both private and public […]

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Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956

Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956: On 30th April, 1956 the Government of India announced the Industrial Policy 1956.  This policy has provided the basic framework for industrial activities of the country.  The important features of the policy are as under: The policy reflected the goal of socialism and expanded the scope of the public sector. […]

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Industrial Policy Statement of 1980

Industrial Policy Statement of 1980: Objectives of the policy: Optimum utilization of available resources and installed capacity; ii-      Maximization of output and improvement in productivity, Correction of regional imbalances through a preferential development of industrially backward areas; Promotion and development of agriculture and agro-based industries; Promotion export oriented and import substituting industries; Protection of consumers […]

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Industrial policy of 1991

Industrial policy of 1991: this   policy was, announced on July 24, 1991.  Through this policy, the government has made major changes in the industrial sector.  The policy envisaged changes in the industrial licensing, foreign investment, foreign technology agreements, public sector policy and M.R.T.P. Act.  Those changes have been introduced to attain following objectives.   To […]

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Foreign Capital and Technology

Foreign Capital and Technology   i) Automatic approval for technology agreements related to high priority industries like metallurgical, elect transport etc.   ii) Approval for direct foreign investment upto 51% foreign equity in these 34 high priority industries.   iii)      Foreign equity proposal need not necessarily be accompanied by foreign technology agreements.   iv) No […]

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Employee’s satisfaction

Employee satisfaction Every employee likes to receive some credit for the work they do, by motivating employees, the company can also motivated them. It’s one of major procedures of modern company. To motivate employees in Mobitel Company, they use following procedures. The company also held exams once a month and employees who get top marks […]

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