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The Best Study Guide, Tips and Tricks For Business Environment (BE) Exam

Introduction: When I use the word environment the first thing that comes to my mind is a simple 2 line explanation stating, ‘anything that surround us is called as our environment’ so now just attach this word to business and we get Business Environment, so how do we explain it? Anything that surrounds our Business […]

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What is age and sex composition?

This information helps to determine and answer certain questions relating to employment, dependents, birth rate, etc. Age composition in India is such that (he young persons (0 – 40 years of age) constitute more than 65% of our total population. Hence, even if the birth rate declines, yet the addition to our population because of […]

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What is density of population?

This measure helps to determine the extent of burden on land area in a country. It is measured as the ratio of number of persons per square kilometer of land area. India’s density is one of the highest among the countries in the world with 267. This is very high compared to countries like Canada. […]

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What is Infant mortality rate?

This refers to the number of child death, from birth before reaching the first birth day. This is measured as number of children that die before completing first year after birth per 1000 children born. The infant mortality rate was very high in India during the early part of this century and it was 204. […]

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What is life expectancy?

Life expectancy is usually used as a measure of gauging the health condition of population of a country. A country with a high death rate and with death occurring at early age, the life expectancy will be low and a country with a low death rate and with death occurring at an advanced age, the […]

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What are the effects of population on Indian economy?

The population problem in India is a basic problem faced by the economy. The population explosion is due to various factors. We will discuss these causes for population explosion first and then understand how this affects our economic development.       Causes: It is convenient for us to classify the causes for population explosion […]

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What is the growth rate of population?

The growth rate in population is measured as the difference between the Crude birth rate and Crude death rate. Of course, the migration and population should also be taken into account. But in Indian experience, the migration as a percentage of the total population is very insignificant. Hence, ignoring migration, we should lake the difference […]

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What are the trends in population?

As the country with second largest population in the world, India has been handicapped with very large population found in a small area. It is said that India has 16% of the total land area of the world. This situation has been remaining for decades as shown by the Table 1 below. It could be […]

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What are the features of Indian Population?

The Demographic features of India can be discussed in terms of the following ideas: Trend in population Growth rate of population Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Density of population Age and sex composition Rural-urban distribution and viii. Literacy and levels of development.

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Public sector and generation of internal resources

A close scrutiny of the public sector performance will certainly make one to note the contribution towards internal resources made by the public sector. For example, the internal resources generated by the public sector during V Five year plan was Rs. 3,439 crores, during VI Five year plan Rs. 11,721 crores and during the period […]

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