00000012 / 4548 / 0003 / BMS / Business Ethics / V Semester / Marks 60 M      / 2.00 Hrs. Seat No ———-




  1. Attempt both the sections on same answer sheet
  2. All the questions are compulsory in Section I and attempt any three questions from Section II
  3. Support your answers with examples

SECTION – I – MARKS – 30 (Compulsory)

Q1. Concepts                                                                                                                                                             15           

  1. Dharma
  2. Virtues & Vices
  3. Business Ethics
  4. Moral Situation
  5. Triple Bottom Line


Q2. Case Study                                                                                                                                             15

MBA Mr. Satish Sukhramani had just paid a hefty capitation fees, legally approved by the authorities for the admission of his son “Mr. Mahendra Sukhramani” in private BMS College “SST”. He being a MBA was keen to see that his son too should become a MBA. He was of the opinion that BMS profession as such is a Nobel profession and it should not be subjected to market forces purely as a commercial enterprise.

As a Student of Business Ethic, answer the following questions:

1)      The morality and legality of capitation fees.                                                                                          7M

2)      Discuss the ethics of the above activity of various individuals in the case.                                         8M

SECTION – II – MARKS – 30  (Any three)

Q3. Discuss the relevance of Business Ethics in the modern world of materialism                                               10


Q4. What do you understand by the tem, “Normative Ethics”?                                                               10


Q5. Discuss Bhopal Gas Tragedy and various ethical issues involved in it. Did Union carbide

ignore ethical issues?                                                                                                                                                 10


Q6. Business is related to making profit, whereas Ethics deal with right or wrong. Therefore Business

and ethics are not related to each other. Discuss                                                                                         10


Q7.Short Notes (Any Two)                                                                                                                           10

a)      Morality v/s Legality

b)      Ethical Dilemma?

c)      Shareholders Value v/s Stakeholder’s Value


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  2. mitesh 7 years ago

    plz can i get answers of these Questions? i m unable 2 find the answers. if u cud help me out, i will b greatly thankful 2 u.
    suppose i m unable 2 ans of this particular Question

    – Discuss the relevance of Business Ethics in
    the modern world of materialism

  3. mitesh 7 years ago

    plz can any 1 reply 2 the Q3 ?
    its very important Q and need get the ans. plz can any1 email me or post it in the forum.
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