BMS Sem 6 Question Banks : IAPM Important Question Bank 2014

Long Questions:

  1. What are Investment avenues available to him which will give a stable return with minimum risk?
  2. What is SEBI? What are its Functions? Discuss in brief Risk & Return relationship Explain CAPM
  3. Brief on Securities Market

Short Notes:

  1. Explain Risk and different Measures of Risk?
  2. What is Investment? Explain Objectives of investment & Factors to be considered before Investing?
  3. Explain Mutual Fund and its types and cost. Write note on Money Market Instruments. Book Building process
  4. Dow Theory


  1. Secondary Market
  2. Speculation v/s Investment
  3. Tax Saving Investments
  4. NAV
  5. Co-efficient of Variation
  6. Doubling Period
  7. Convertible Debentures
  8. Bull and Bear
  9. Support & Resistance
  10. Bought out deals.
BMS Sem 6 Question Banks : IAPM Important Question Bank 2014 by

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