1)    Explain the characteristics of entrepreneurs.



2)    Explain the concept of entrepreneurship.


3)    Explain the concept of intrapreneur.


4)    State the features of an intrapreneur.


5)    State the essentials for intrapreneurship


6)    Explain the intrapreneurial process.


7)    Define women entrepreneur. State the features of women entrepreneurs.


8)    State the types of women entrepreneurs.


9)    Explain the theories of entrepreneurship




10) Explain methods of idea generation.


11) What is project identification?


12) State the important techniques for project identification.


13) What is Environmental Scanning? State its importance.


14) What is Project Formulation? State the need for project formulation. 15) State the planning Commission’s Guidelines for project formulation. 16) What are the contents of project report?


17) Explain the stages in project report formulation.


18) State the objectives of project appraisal.


19) Explain the methods of project appraisal.


20) Explain the components of an ideal business plan.


21) What are the factors influencing entrepreneurial motivation?


22) What is Entrepreneurial Development Programme? State its basic features and objectives.


23) Explain importance of EDPs.


24) State the relevance of EDP.


25) What is Selp Help Group? State its features.


26) Explain the importance of SHG.


27) What is Franchising? State types of Franchising.


28) What is outsourcing? State its features.


29) What is merger? State types of mergers.


30) State the guidelines for an effective merger.


31) What is acquisition?


32) What is social entrepreneurship? Explain the importance of social entrepreneurship.


33) What are NGOs? State its characteristics.


34) What are types of NGOs?


35) Explain the concept and importance of outsourcing in Indian Economy. 36) State types of small scale industries.


37) Explain the role and importance of SMEs


38) Explain Small Scale Industries under Five Year Plans.


39) What are the measures taken for protection and promotion of small units?


40) State the principles of fixed capital management.


41) What is working capital? Explain the features of working capital. 42) What are the factors determining working capital requirements? 43) Write a note on working capital management.


44) Write a note on MODVAT Scheme.


45) What is marketing mechanism in SMEs?


46) Explain the functions of marketing.


47) Explain the marketing problems of small scale units.




48) What is Market segmentation? Explain the basis of market segmentation.


49) What are the factors influencing choice of distribution channels. 50) Write a note on export potential of SME’s.


51) Explain the tax incentives for exports.


52) What are the prospects of SMEs?


53) Enumerate the steps in export procedure.


54) What are turnaround strategies? Explain the turnaround strategies for SMEs.


55) State the objectives of SMEs.


56) State the advantages of SMEs.


57) What are different forms of ownership available to entrepreneurs? Discuss each form in brief?


58) What is industrial sickness?


59) Give the classification of industrial sickness.


60) State the symptoms of industrial sickness.


61) Explain the consequences of industrial sickness.


62) Suggest remedial measures to overcome industrial sickness.


63)        Distinguish between the following:


a)    Entrepreneur and Enterprise


b)    Male Entrepreneur and Female Entrepreneur


c)    Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur


d)    Entrepreneurial culture and Administrative culture.


e)    Fixed Capital and Working Capital.


f)     Marketing and Selling.


g)    Traditional concept of Marketing and Modern Concept of Marketing.


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