60 Best Internet Reactions On Lok Sabha General Election Results 2014 – Is Baar Modi Sarkaar!



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Here we present 60 Best Internet Reactions On Lok Sabha General Election Results 2014 – Is Baar Modi Sarkaar!

  1. Are people of India ready for an epic era for development?
  2. have sparked a need for me to return to and contribute in building a new India.
  3. Correction- Modi ji wins Vadodara seat by margin of whopping 4 lakh votes… Madhusudan Mistry trounced.
  4. It’s not that costly after all! But then again, does it really matter to the Gandhis!
  5. Time for Rahul Gandhi to create a profile on Bharat Matrimonial and quietly retire to family life
  6. With this kind of a rout chances of some big upsets in this poll is now apparent…
  7. Rajdeep says on national TV that he doesn’t want to say it but says it anyway that the Congress Effed Up.
  8. A doc surly wld b checking the pulse of Sr congrss leaders
  9. Everyone laughed at the Chanakya Poll figure but it seems they are the only ones to predict the elections correctly.
  10. A lot of expectations from Mr. Modi…..Hope he will deliver.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Narendra Modi snatches the Orange Cap from Glen Maxwell.
  12. You can call it India Namo Wave Or Anti-Congress wave, But the truth is India First Wave. Nation Wins!! Youth Wins!!
  13. Narendra Modi – the 14th Chief Minister of Gujarat is set to become the 14th Prime Minister of India. HUGE WIN.
  14. With AAP leading only in Punjab, they should now change the party’s name to PAAP, Punjab Aaam Admi Party…
  15. Last year sreesanth, chandila and chavan sent to prison , this year likely happening for congress and rahul
  16. Congress can be proud of the fact that they are leading in more seats than Rahul Gandhi’s IQ.
  17. good work .Others should project tally like times now when there is considerabale lead and not just 100 votes
  18. If Smriti Irani wins against Rahul Gandhi in dc battle of Bahu vs Beta, She will signify Rahul’s quest for Women Empowerment
  19. People are not getting alcohol but somehow Sensex and Nifty were able to procure drugs.
  20. Why the hell Arnab is behind everyone’s job? ‘Do you take responsibility of this loss? Will you resign?’
  21. No surprises about AAP results. As the old saying goes, Only a new broom sweeps clean.
  22. Tarun Gogoi to resign as Assam CM, takes full responsibility of defeat. Rahul Gandhi, are you listening?
  23. Both BJP and Congress are leading all the way. BJP leading towards Delhi and Congress towards Italy.
  24. Modi wave is so huge that poor rupee is feeling back shadow !! strongest show in 11 months yet no one talking ! haha
  25. What are you celebrating.. BJP winning or Congress losing? People have voted for hope, aspiration, development
  26. Voters of New Age Deleted The Secularism & Communal Words from His Dictionary ..New Era of Indian Politics .. !
  27. ” Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar ” Its not a promotion slogan anymore. Its a reality.
  28. NDTV reports that Congress has accepted defeat. And the party has come out in defence of Rahul Gandhi who led its poll campaign
  29. WHAT? Congress may not get to be Leader of the Opposition??? Total awesomeness!
  30. Where is hiding now.. He wanted to ask 16 questions to modi.. Now modi will ask him.. Why he lost answer one ?
  31. Rahul Gandhi glued to the TV set watching today’s new episodes of Chota Bheem.
  32. *Obama dials Narendra modi’s no.* Automated voice: “The number you’ve dialed is busy, Please try again after 5 years.”
  33. Finally we shall get some break from the entertainment of Congress & get to do some REAL WORK
  34. I am amazed by the maturity of Indian voters. Indians across caste, religion, region have voted for development & change
  35. Modi is leading..! BJP is leading..!! Sensex is leading..!!! Rupee is leading..!!!! India is leading !!!!!
  36. People are glued to the Tv not to see who wins,they already know that.They want to see how badly Congress lose
  37. Rakhi Sawant achieves 15 votes finally after 3 hours..
  38. BREAKING:Rahul Gandhi is praying for rain so that he can win by Duckworth Lewis.
  39. Ok! The Elections are over now! Let’s hope This BJP do something good for Muslims & Christians unlike those 2002 riots 😛
  40. End of coalition era! Complete CONG wipeout! Rahuls political existence has come to an end!
  41. Those who are born post 1947 feel proud that you have also fought for Indian Independence and achieved in your lifetime
  42. Someone please get that hooligan Mani Shankar Aiyar in front of camera to teach a lesson to that arrogant elitist attitude
  43. What’s wrong if a party chooses its candidates based on their winnability? Why do they need to be apologetic abt it?
  44. Agree with Arnab.. It’s a turning point for Indian politics & an end of the coalition era..
  45. har har har har namo wave …..!! I mean mahadev …!! 😉 😉
  46. Now the people of this country will be happy to pay their taxes
  47. NaMo sir now show your magic , you have all the power , Go NaMo
  48. It’s not Modi wave, it’s TsuNaMo.
  49. Aam Aadmi Party would be getting less number of seats than the number of slaps arvind kejriwal has got.
  50. Rahul Jahan bhi ho Ghar aa jao, maa pareshan hai. Koi kuch nahi kahega, sari jimmedari Manmohan uncle ne li hai! ~Priyanka 😛
  51. Party slogan after results BJP : AAP : Ab Ki Baar, Fat gyi yaar CONG: Ab ki Baar Antim Sanskaar
  52. Maxwell and Miller are not the only M’s with amazing strike rate. Look at ‘s strike rate!
  53. Just out of curiosity.. could these be tampered with also ?? I mean in this country, you never know..! :-/
  54. It is the 1st time in so many years that youth of the country is more excited about 16th May than 14th feb !!
  55. Rahul Gandhi just suffered an electile dysfunction.
  56. No government can impose religious dominance if people of the country live in harmony & respect each other.
  57. Rome wasn’t built in a day. May it be 5 votes or 50, this is yet a victory for a party that’s barely a year old. Way to go AAP
  58. This is how a nation responds when it sees the corrupt rule without any love for it, when one Family is put above the nation!
  59. Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkaar is the reality now!! Modi Tsunami here we see
  60. Really, this is big victory for BJP and NDA. Special congratulations to for this amazing unbelievable victory.
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