25 Cute Things Guys Do That Girls Love And Adore Secretly


Today the article which I’m about to write can be of a huge help to my girlfriends as I’m about to share a few tips that will guide you guys in decoding the most complicated creatures on the planet earth “GUYS”!! Even though guys always pretend to be all strong and mysterious around us but even amongst all this chaos they tend to leave small signs of cuteness that we girls completely adore and love. So let’s go through the things boys usually do and we girls find it adorable…..

jacket1. When guys give us their jackets or sweaters so that we feel warm and even if they are completely freezing to the core!

hugging2. When they unexpectedly hug or kiss us, privately or in public without getting concerned about what people would say!

3. When guys make eye contact and make us feel like we are the only one present and nothing else actually matters!



4. When they have a good physique or are active in sports and not the usual lazy, sloppy self!

5. When guys have a great sense of humor, and they can uplift our spirits every single time by not being creepy but charming!

6. One thing we girls love about guys is when they dress up well and make heads turn. That’s an instant turn on for every single la femme in the whole universe!


7. Apart from dressing, when guys smell good, that makes us girls really happy! I mean who doesn’t like a good fragrance! when he does you will be like, “you are distracting me!! :D”


8. When they wear sunglasses, it gives them an uber cool look that chicks totally dig in for!!

9. When they have the perfect smile!

10. When the guys get comfortable enough to make silly and childish faces around us and in brief be their original self!


11. When they compliment or wish us farewell, that’s what proves you a gentlemen!


12. When they play with kids, we all will definitely be like, “AWWWWWW!!!!”

13. When they remember small things about us. It definitely makes us feel special!


14. When they playfully tease and wrestle with us. Again, “AWWWWW!!!!”

15. When they become so close to you, that they introduce you to their folks. That is a sign girl!!

16. When he makes you feel confident, beautiful and positive about yourself!!


17. When he flirts with you and only you!!

18. When he is true and sincere about his feelings and admits that he wants a long term relation with you!



19. When he encourages you and doesn’t leave a chance to tell you that he is so proud of you!

20. When he calls you ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ in your rabbit printed flannel pajamas which you totally hate!! Time to take your pajamas into the “most favorite piece of clothings”!!!


21. When they tell us the deepest secrets, fears, ambitions etc.!! Hear them out girls because this doesn’t happen often!!


22. When they wait for us!! Even if they are running late or its raining or its too damn hot! (wink wink)!!

perfect love

23. When he tells the girl that she is perfect!!! Again, “AWWWWWW!!!!!”

24. When the guy doesn’t know that he is perfect and always tries to live up our expectations!!!


25. And last and frankly my favorite, when they make our life like a fairytale and treat us like their princess!!! Last time, “AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!”


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Shabnam Mukadam
Student at Pillais institute of arts, commerce and science. An humble F.Y.B.Com student. Hobbies are reading and writing.


  1. This article is definitely very helpful for all the guys as they will know how we pay attention to small things they do for us n make us feel so special.:)

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