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People fear heights, water, fire and lot many things, there is this one common fear that most people have in them is speaking confidently in front of people. They often complain about nervous breakdown, blackout, and erase of memory and so on when they see huge crowd in front of them. If you too are one of them, here are few tips to overcome your fear and speak with confidence in front of large crowd.

  1. Know your topic well

If you are about to give a speech or a presentation in front of people it is essential to go well prepared. You should do a detail research on your topic to know it well. Find each and everything possible relevant to your topic to enhance your subject and to give out more information to the audience.

  1. Jot points

After a proper detailed research, pick up important points and prepare a list of things as pointers, you need to cover in your topic. This will help you to remember what you have prepared and cover the topic without leaving any important information.

  1. Know your audience

Before giving out any speech or presentation, it is important to know the audience you’re catering to. One cannot give an informal speech in a formal atmosphere like business conference or give a formal speech in other places like colleges, so knowing the audience is important to give out proper information.

  1. Practice in front of the mirror

Prior to the speech or presentation, practice talking to yourself or in front of the mirror, it will help you revise your preparation and help you build the confidence in yourself.

confident speaking

  1. Proper language and Keep it simple

The language used in the speech should be the one you are best at. Try and keep it simple, make use of simple sentences and avoid complicated words.

  1. Speak slowly

Often due to nervousness people just run about in their entire speech or presentation. It is very important to speak slowly as your audience needs to understand what you’re saying. Also be clear in your words and do not confuse the audience. Speaking slowly will not only help you be clear and audible but also help you memorise what you have prepared.  

  1. Build eye contact

It is important to build eye contact with your audience. Most of the people find it hard because as soon as they see people they tend to forget everything they have prepared. Look at people while speaking; you can look away for a minute or two. If you can’t make an eye contact with the audience, least you could it find people in the crowd who seem interested in your talk, look at them, we always like people who listen to us, so they can help you speak in front of people.

  1. Prepare your body

It is rightly said that your body language speaks about you, so you must try and keep your body in control. Don’t move your hands on your forehead or face or shake legs or hands unnecessarily, these are signs of nervousness. Even if you’re nervous keep yourself focused on the topic. 

  1. Try to overcome your anxiety

Before you enter the place where you are supposed to speak in front of people, calm yourself and relax, get out all the other unnecessary things from your head, take a deep breath. This will help you overcome your anxiety.

  1. Trust yourself

Last but not the least it is very important to have faith in yourself. Keep up the confidence that “You will do it no matter what”. If you do not have faith, nothing from the above will work for you.


Good communication and the art of speaking confidently in front of people is the key to success, trying these few tips you too could be successful. 

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